Hi Natalile! My sister-in-law. I learn from my son, has been spying on my prayer intentions and other postings on this site and reporting them to my husband. (My son just informed me.) I know that this is true because he just tried to blitz my 2:30 phone meeting with my AWESOME lawyer, with persistent calls throughout our conversation. (I had alluded to the time in a thread this morning.) No problem, the matter is resolved. OBVIOUSLY, I will say nothing further, except that I will include all parties involved in a Divine Mercy Chaplet this evening–a prayer for the conversion of sinners, Natalie.

Thank you for your prayers in this horrible family matter.

That is… atrocious really, but part of the danger with posting on an open forum. It is too bad that she has so little self-respect as to stoop to such measures.

I hope your prayers for her are effective.

May Our Lady help you not to post anything that you do not want others to know about. May she guide you and help you to be faithful in all your thoughts, words and deeds.

Hail Mary…


I pray that true love, compassion, and charity will reign in your family. I likewise pray that your legal dilemmas are solved. May God bless you with the graces you need and provide for your needs. Amen.

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