Sister in law


My sister is in law is a non Catholic and she really bosses my brother. He has to give money in the Sunday collection on the sly because she would get mad if she found out. She does not allow him to visit me so he also does that on the qt. She never allows him to spend money even though they both work. They have no cable tv and he wanted a satelitte dish but she said no. These are just a few things that she has done. What can a person do with a bully like her?


lock her in the basement:D…outside of that your bro needs to grow a backbone and stand up to his wife!


It’s you brother’s business how he handles his marriage and his wife not yours. He’s a big boy. Your brother his allowing is wife to make those decisions. I can only assume he doesn’t want to make waves with his wife. And as long as that is the way he chooses to deal with it - that is the way it’s going to be. You’re brother chose to marry this woman and you need to leave it alone.




She sounds like a real brat. Be strong my friend.


You need to tell your brother to start wearing boxers and stop wearing pink panties. While you are at it you can tell him the zipper is in front and not on the side. What is this “allow” **** all about? Is he her husband or is he her son?


Isolating a person from their friends and family is classic behaviour of someone who commits spousal abuse.

While women abusing men is less common than the other way around, one of my brothers had this happen to him about 25 years ago. His (then) wife eventually ended up in the pokey while my brother was getting his face stiched up from the dishes she threw at him. What he may have done to provoke this I do not know since it had been several months since anyone in in the family had heard from him before this happened.


Sounds like she may be abusive. Hopefully not but your brother does need to put his foot down before this goes too far.


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