Sister in need of prayers

My sister is in need of prayer. She recently got a divorced that her husband of 15 years wanted. She has a girlfriend and had her while still married to my sister, even though he denies it. They have not been divorced a year yet and he is marrying this woman who has three children from three different fathers. She is a cop and so is my ex-brother-in-law. My sister and her ex-husband are having yet another problem. In the divorce decree he agreed to pay half of all medical expenses and get medical insurance from his employment for his two children, my niece (9) and nephew (6). He gets them every other weekend and they share the holidays. When the children come back from their weekend with their dad, they hate it. They don’t like his girlfriend and the nine year old has asked me if he was in sin since they were living together. I told her the truth and said yes and it is called adultery. This girlfriend apparently is very verbally and emotionally abusive to my niece and nephew. They are afraid of her. My sister has reported to HRS of one abuse by the girlfriend. She apparently, according to my nephew, threw him in the room so hard he hit his head and bumped it. When my sister asked her ex-husband what happen he has given three versions to different people of what happened. He is a liar also. The second time she reported her ex-husband for he hit her son so hard on the bottom that his hand mark was on it. The kids are afraid of their father and his girlfriend. We have told all this to my sister’s lawyer, but she said there is nothing that can be done. The kids were in counseling but their father switched jobs about three months ago and has yet to give my sister the insurance information for the kids. He is in contempt but nothing can be done according to my sister’s lawyer. The woman that my ex-brother-in-law is with is manipulating him so much and he doesn’t see it. His own children have told him that his girlfriend is mean to them when he is not around. He works a lot. He also suffers from an anger problem. Well today, my sister, got a letter from her husbands attorney and is full of lies. He states that he did not have the children on Thanksgiving, when he did, he states that he did not get them for Christmas, when he had them all day for my sister had them Christmas Eve and early morning. The lies continue. The way the letter was worded we know it was written by his girlfriend for we know him and he hates to write and was never good in English Grammar. My sister will have to take him to court and wants to file for sole custody of the children due to the abuses going on over at his house. Her lawyer said that will be hard to do for there has to be another physical abuse. Verbal and emotional abuse don’t count, I guess. The children also go unsupervised at the mall. Can you imagine a 9 and 6 year old. You hear of disappearance all the time and then they turn up dead. These are two cops to. Shame on them! They are also told that they can find their own food to eat for lunch and sometimes dinner. They go out to eat at a restaurant, but the kids stay home with a 13 year old and find whatever in the pantry to eat. My niece has told me that she waits until everyone is sleeping in the night and gets up to eat because she is so hungry. She eats a lot when she comes home again to her mom. She is not doing well in school. She was an “A” student until the divorce and this new woman in her dad’s life. Her grades are dropping. The teacher has called my sister and said that my niece looks so depressed. She is also very tired and sleepy after the weekend with her father. They apparently party so much they don’t get enough sleep. They also have to share a twin bed with one of the girlfriends’ children. They are 15, 13 and 8 years old. The 15 year old hates her mother and my ex-brother-in-law. She told my niece that she did not know why God gave her such a horrible mother. As you can see this situation is not good for my niece and nephew. Their father doesn’t bring them to Mass on Sundays either. I am sure you are not surprised. The few times they go, they both receive Holy Communion. Please pray for my sister, Norma, and her children. If this goes to court, I pray she gets the kids. It is what is best for them. At first, my sister, did every possible to get the kids to see their dad, but no more. He is a bad influence on them. My niece told me her father is her father but not a dad. How sad! My sister is losing her trust in God for things have all gone his way. He forced them to move out of the house for he wanted his half of the money. He did not pay his debt to my parents who lent them money and lied and said it was a gift. Please pray for this single mom and for what is best for the children. We are praying for a miracle. The kids are suffering so much. All your prayers are appreciated. Thanks.

It sounds like your sister needs to find another attorney. I would also take the kids to a doctor and a psychologist so that a medical professional can document what the kids report happened to them.

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