Sister in very bad car accident


Big snow storm in this area (Chicago and south of it)
My sister was on her way to work on I-57 and totaled the car. She is probably going to the hospital.
This was the last thing she needed.
She’s going through custody battles, is out of money, and the car was pretty expensive. She also has a condition of panic attacks and is not doing well right now at all.
Please pray that the Holy Spirit comfort her and keep her safe.




and no one else was in the accident either.
she is being taken to a hospital as I type this.
thank you for praying.


:gopray2: :gopray2:


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I too will keep her in my prayers today. :gopray:


She’s in my prayers.


Praying for your sister.


I’ll pray for her too.

As far as the other problems she is having, maybe you could visit her and read to her “Dark Night of the Soul.”

God bless



She’s fine everybody! Went to the emergency room, they gave her a few prescriptions for the pain though. Injured hip (muscle pull) and neck. But she is just fine.
Thank you so much guys for your prayers for her! Praise God for His Goodness!



Glad she’s OK, that must’ve been so scary!

That weather is crazy out there!


I am so glad she’s ok. The driving conditions been horrible around Chicago!


Thank you for the update. I am so happy that she is ok.


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