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Years ago, when I first started to look into my faith, I came across a reference to the on-line “Sister-L” site. I believe that this reference came from an article or book from Karl Keating (thank you, Karl). Anyway, I went to the site and watched the exchange for awhile. It was everything that Karl Keating said it was: heterodox opinions, disrespect for the pope, etc, etc. I posted a few orthodox opinions and was met with a deluge of hostility in my private e-mail. Not being one who is easily deterred, I simply re-posted to Sister-L the very hostile and insulting remarks (such as, “you’re dumb as rocks” and “maybe Jesus will pray for you, but I won’t”) that had been sent to me privately. This resulted in a flurry of activity, and shortly after my posting these things the list announced that it was closing down. It would be nice to think that I had had a hand in shutting down this list, but I am sure I am not the only one who found this list to be a hotbed of dissent. My question is: has Sister-L appeared elsewhere, perhaps under a new name? Are there any similar lists out there now that forum members are aware of?

I’ve never heard of Sister-L. I did go on a Protestant Forum one time and, like you, I was blasted out of the water. I tried to respond in truth and kindness. That is what wins souls.

Love you screen name. You picked it for a reason and you should live up to that reason.

Chris G


I should have explained that “Sister-L” was a list for women in religious orders, although the public was invited.

Regarding my screen name: actually, I didn’t pick it for any reason, because it really is my name. Needless to say, I hated the name when I was a kid because it was made fun of by the other kids, but as an adult and an artist, I appreciate it because it is easy for people to spell and remember. So, no, it doesn’t reflect any tendencies towards analyzing data or solving mysteries…

I am not and never have been in a religious community, but I have been inquiring into that possibility since 1975, when I was a 17-year-old thinking about becoming Catholic. (I was finally received into the Church in 1981 after a lot of thinking, prayer, and study.)

I was a member of Sister-L for a year or so, ending in late 1999, when I left the list during a time of personal crisis during which I was unable to cope any more with the list admin’s lack of Christian charity. (I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks later.)

Some members were very friendly and respected opinions, such as mine,that they may not have shared. One of these was the author of FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, a fairly recent (maybe 2002) book on women’s religious communities. I don’t agree with most of that author’s views, but she did put a lot of very interesting information in her book.

Looks like Sister L may still be around. Only as a email list.

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