Sister Lucia and sedevacantism

Sister Lucia, to me, is undeniable proof that sedevacantism is false. Sister Lucia was told, by Our Lady, that she was going to heaven. The Fatima apparitions are one of the most famous and most easily prooved (70, 0000 people watching the sun dance). Sister Lucia never mentioned a “great crisis” where the Papal see was vacant for nearly 50 years. She totally accepted all post Vatican II Popes as Popes.

Some have claimed that Sister Lucia was kidknapped and killed. C’mon could you imagine someone a rguing that ina court of law. This would mean that John XXIII ordered her to be murdered, and that the nouns in her convent would also be in on this. Noone would have said a word??? C’mon it"s NUTS–IT’S INSANE—I GUEES THAT JUST SHOWS HOW INSANE THE SEDEVACANTIST POSITION IS!!!

Stop beating around the bush. Why don’t you tell us what you really think about the Sedevacantist position?

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