Sister Lucia double - huh?

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I just registered on here and am already enjoying it immensely! :slight_smile: I apologize if this topic is on the wrong forum, but it has “historical controversies” listed under it, so I figure its pretty close (even though not historical per se).

At any rate, a friend of mine recently mentioned something about there being a controversy over some “double” or “imposter” Sister Lucia (of the Fatima apparitions). This strikes me as (of course) complete nonsense and I don’t believe it for a second, but does anyone know anything more about this?

Welcome, terrazas. :slight_smile: I’m unaware of any such controversy; it’s up to your friend to provide the source for her/his information and the source’s evidence of it. Such conspiracy theories sometimes pop-up here at CAF and are quickly laid to rest. :wink:

This is a conspiracy theory hatched by Sedevacantists and other schismatics.

They came up with this ridiculous and unfounded theory when the following question was brought up:
If Sister Lucia was guaranteed heaven by the Blessed Mother and has obediently followed every Pope before and after Pius XII, how do the Sedevacantists reconcile their beliefs that the Church went into apostasy and that every Pope since Pius XII is not valid??

The only thing they could have come up with was the “imposter theory”. Otherwise they are in the wrong. It is much like the backflips one must make to remain Protestant and reject Christ’s Church

Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

elvisman, I thought as much. It’s truly a pity, such a wonderful gift from God and some people have to try to twist it around into something awful.

Yes, unfortunately there is :frowning: The imposter has been printed out false messages from Our Lady of Fatima for a long time. I know because my grandmother gave me a pamplet of them three years ago. It was called The Messages of Fatima, or a similar title. If you ever come across the pamplet, just throw it away. It is trash.

And please don’t confuse the false messages with “The Message of Fatima” by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:

I did a search here to find out more about this controversy and to see what others think of it. I found out about it on You Tube (link below) and to be honest I had certain misgivings about Sr. Lucia whenever I would see pictures or footage of her but I could’t put my finger on it. What could it be that disturbed me about her? Anyway, when I watched this video and saw earlier pictures and later pictures I really am confused more than ever. If what these people say is true there is a huge mess in the Vatican and if it is true it will be exposed — and very soon I’m sure. If it is not true then I feel for them ------- I just need to hear someone’s opinion that has seen the video. So, please watch it and let me know what you think. Thanks … L

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