Sister Lucia's diary

I purchased/watched The 13th Day dvd of Fatima. Sister Lucia’s diary is referred to. Was her diary ever published?

I have also watched "The 13th Day" but I don't recall a reference to Sr. Lucia's Diary. I think that you mean her Memoirs titled "Fatima in Lucia's Own Words". ;)

If you still say that there was a reference to a diary written by Lucia please let me know where they reference it.

But I think that if she had a diary it would have already been published. :shrug:

The "Memoirs"come in two volumes- Vol 1 contains first 4 memoirs and Vol 2 contains memoirs 5 and 6.
She was asked constantly repeated questions about the apparitions and visionaries. It was beyond her power to respond to each individual questioner so she asked the Holy See for permission to write a text in which she could reply in general to the many questions that were put to her. That permission was granted. The work is entitled "CALLS" FROM THE MESSAGE OF FATIMA............It's a simple and sometimes uncomfortable read because she explains what was asked for from Heaven in the Cova da Iria in her own words.

yes, 'memoirs' it is.

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