Sister Natalia Magdolna

Sister Natalia Magdolna (1901-1992) not much is known about her becuase i cannot find much about her however jesus and mary did appear to her through out her life and gave her a prayer and if anyone says it five promises are granted. It is sufficient to make this offer once, if made with the necessary dispositions of humility and love. However, it is possible to be renewed frequently.

Her life was full of supernatural graces and an intense communication with God. She died in odour of sanctity at an advanced age.


"My Beloved Jesus:

In front of the Most Blessed Trinity, in front of Our Mother of Heaven, and of all the heavenly Court, I offer, according to the intentions of your Eucharistic Heart and those of the Immaculate Heart of Most Holy Mary, all my life, all my holy Masses, Communions, good deeds, sacrifices and sufferings, uniting them to the merits of your Most Holy Blood and death in the cross:

  • To adore the Most Holy Glorious Trinity.

  • To offer atonement for our offenses.

  • For the unity of our Holy Mother Church.

  • For our priests.

  • For good priestly vocations.

  • And for all the souls until the end of the world.

Receive, my Jesus, my offer of life and grant me the grace to persevere faithfully until the end of my life.

Amen ".


1ª. Nobody amongst the members of its family will be condemned even when the external appearances would make it appear so, because before its soul leaves the body, it will receive, in the depths of its soul, the grace of the perfect repentance.

2ª. On the day of their offer the members of their family that were in Purgatory, will leave there.

3ª. At the hour of death I will be at their side and I will take their souls, without passing through Purgatory, to the Presence of the Most Holy Glorious Trinity where, in the house made by the Lord, they will be eternally happy with Me.

4ª. Their names will be inscribed in the Heart of Jesus, burning with Love and in the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary.

5ª. By his offer of life, together with the merits of Jesus, they will save many souls from condemnation. The merit of their sacrifices will benefit the souls until the end of the world.

what do people think.

isn’t there a saint that has already came up with this?

St Brigid?

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