Sister of Life statement: HHS violates their vows

I work at the IRS. The IRS has been appointed as the collection arm of Obamacare. So all that plasticity of using the tax system to revive the economy (under Bush) in giving out $400 “Making Work Pay” refundable credits and “Stimulus” payouts for the working poor and retired working poor has been turned on its head. Personally, it’s been a relief to not be seen as a dreaded foe of America; and worry about bomb threats and anthrax…as much.

Now, any refund shortfall from the approximated $700 per person healthcare tab will trigger fines, and likely interest on outstanding monies owed. I’m guessing that households that were eager to have dependant minors and the handicapped living under their roof for a 7 month minimum to collect the Earned Income Tax Credit/EIC will start jettisoning dependants, passing them off to divorced spouses if they can; and sending foster children, younger siblings and nieces and nephews packing. The NTEU, the Treasury union, negotiated an exemption for workers having healthcare under options provided by the government; as have hundreds of other unions and various politically-connected Obama-friendly entities. Here’s the Sisters of Life take on the HHS Mandate:

"Our special fourth vow, made in a solemn and sacred ceremony and binding on us in conscience and in the laws of the Church, is at the heart of our identity as a religious community, and is a profound expression of the religious and spiritual commitment of each of our Sisters. This new rule pays no heed to our right to live according to our vows. Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act each of us will be required by law to obtain health insurance, or face fines. Since this HHS mandate will require every insurer to include abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and artificial contraception, we will not be able to obtain any coverage that is free from those “services,” and we will be forced to pay for them directly. Since we are neither employers, nor employees, of any religious institution, we cannot even take advantage of the “religious exemption” contained in the new regulations or the “compromise.”

As a result, this mandate would coerce each and every individual Sister of Life to betray her religious vows. We will be forced to pay for “services” that attack human life and deny the truth and beauty of human sexuality. This would directly contradict our special religious vow to “to protect and enhance the sacredness of human life,” and go against everything we believe in and have devoted our lives to. To us, it would be comparable to a law requiring a spouse to violate their marriage vows — an unthinkable intrusion upon a sacred promise.

This mandate is an offensive and dangerous infringement upon the natural and Constitutional rights of American citizens. The only just solution to this infringement of rights is to rescind the HHS rule. We call upon members of Congress and the Executive Branch to reverse this decision as soon as possible, and we invite our fellow citizens to join with us in prayer and fasting that our Nation may be protected from this great threat against liberty."

Capital “N” nation. Moving… May God grant us the spiritual discipline to pray, fast and give alms to reverse the curse that is part and parcel of the Democratic party platform, including “Partial Birth” abortion. No excuse, Catholics, to pretend we didn’t know. “We fight not against men, but against [demonic] powers and principalities.” Please God, grant us the guts to fully use our spiritual weapons. And please pray for those who are as chagrined as I am about being turned into a collection agency to underwrite a death panel and soft-kill genocide. Obama is the tax man just like the Beatles song. What a travesty. And the new proposal to tax the rich via a raised Capital Gains tax would only fund the debt for…one day. God deliver us!


When the “compromise” to the HHS mandate was announce, my position was that even groups of sisters involved in charity work, such as Mother Theresa’s Sisters of Charity would not be covered under the exemption since their main ministry was not limited to Catholics and they were not houses of worship. I got “booed” down as being an alamist. Now it seems that the Sisters of Life reached the same conclusion I did.

There are some Francisans who regularly post here. One thing I remember them saying is that their vow of poverty prevents them from using the money of the order for health insurance. They too would be targeted by this mandate and have no way to be exempt from the fines.

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