Sister seems haunted by spirits--how can I help her?

My sister has the ability to see spirits, even demons. IT seems almost every apartment or home she has stayed at, she is sought by some sort of entity that often touches her in some way physically. She recently has moved into a new apartment and one night had the unfortunate experience of a sudden negative sense of intense anxiety that made her cry for no reason, having felt nutral just minutes earlier she told me. She then said upon trying to calm down, she felt a pressure on her back and her boyfriend, sleeping over, was awakened by the same sensation of the pressure. IS my sister haunted or are there simply spirits trying to tell her something? She’s Catholicand attends Mass every week but notihng seems to keep these strangers away from her. I am worried for her spiritual safety. IS there some sort of metal she can wear for protection protection?She doesn’t believe blessing the apartment with holy water will do any good. She claims she attracts them herself and seems discouraged over it. Thank you for any help you can give.

Some thoughts that come to mind: Has your sister been dabbling (or ever dabbled in) occult practices–such as ouija boards, seances, psychic readings, tarot cards, etc.? You said her boyfriend was “staying over”. Does that mean he was staying over in an innocent way (no hanky panky), or are they engaging in fornication? (No need to answer this question–just something to ponder). If so, your sister may be in a state of mortal sin (depending on whether or not she knows the Church teaches fornication is wrong), and demons can harm people when they’re not in a state of grace. In any case, confession is a form of exorcism and making a good confession (and repenting of any sins she may have committed) may remedy the problem. She should mention to the priest in the confessional the problems she is having and he may decide to take further action.


thank you for your insights. She honestly is living with him and has in the past, and theythey aren’t engaged yet, nt even after three years so far. She has admitted not making it to confession in a very long time and I know personally she vcarries much past baggage from her childhood she hasn’t relased released from herself that can also be the attractive possibility. I don’t believe she wears a scapular or metal anymore, either, as any sort of shield or sign for herself. I will suggest your ideas to her, as I have not considered such things myself tha tmay give her hope and motivation to be restored to grace.

Perhaps God is trying to tell her she should stop living with someone she isn’t married to ? Perhaps she should start living her Faith. Whatever is going on, it isn’t going to get better until she changes. I think it is nothing more than a bad conscience that is acting up.


I wouldn’t say it is a demonic possession thing. I have the same gift in a way. I can see Angels and demons. I can see demons in a person. I can feel spirits, I can feel when the Holy Spirit is standing next to me( if only I can listen more), and I can feel when the demons are trying to use me because I will feel that void they give off, when they try to enter into me to set me up to do wrong( basically the same thing that Satan did with Peter when Jesus rebuked him) except I can actually feel the void, so I have a spiritual “leg up” in knowing something is going to happen, but I don’t know what or when. That void gives off the same crying feeling that your sister has.

Discernment of spirits can be a gift from God, or not. Please discuss this matter with a priest soon, if you haven’t yet. If it is a gift of the Spirit, you may be called to place it at the service of the Church. If it isn’t then it could be some degree of oppression / obsession, or otherwise a natural feeling in need of medical attention. To take matters in your own hands is not a good idea.

Same as above. She should discuss her ability with a priest soon.

Now, the pressure feeling is worrysome to some degree. If it is not autosuggestion, it may (mind you, I am only a layman with no hands-on experience) indicate some degree of infestation of the place. Especially if another witness experienced the same disturbance.

Now, she is mistaken about the Holy Water, and I will refer you to the following advice by Fr. Fortea, a priest exorcist.

Infestation is a phenomenon by which the devil possesses a place. Infestation of a house can take place when spiritism, satanic rites, Santeria (voodoo) or other forms of esoteric activities have been practiced continuously in that house.

When the devil possesses a place, he can move things at will or provoke noises or odors. These are the famous cases known as poltergeist. These phenomena are not produced by unknown spirits, but rather by demons. This can be proven by the fact that with prayer all cases of poltergeist disappear.

We must tranquilize the inhabitants of these places, telling them that an infestation never provokes the possession of any of the persons living there.

In these cases the priest can pray once in the house and then encourage the family to join daily to pray together. They can pray the rosary, read the Bible jointly, sprinkle holy water in the rooms, join before a sacred image and pray for protection, etc. And of course to ask Saint Michael to expel that bad spirit…

In the cases of infestation, the families usually ask the priest to do everything. However, the priest must make the people understand that they themselves can do what they ask the priest to do. The united prayer of a family can perfectly break the power of the devil over that place if they persevere praying together during weeks or months. If after this period, the phenomena persist, then they should recur to the priest.

The priest should not easily believe the testimonies about the things that happen in a house, unless there are testimonies which have at least two witnesses. When a possessed person comes to see a priest, the priest can pray and verify the manifestation of the devil, but in the case of infestation, nothing happens when the priest prays in the infested place. So he has to depend completely on what he is told. As a result there is no way to reach a certainty about whether there is in fact an infestation or whether it is all the fruit of autosuggestion. The only way to acquire certainty is that different witnesses coincide concerning the extraordinary facts that have been referred.

Only in those cases in which the phenomena are very serious and the family has been praying for weeks, the priest could ask for permission from his bishop to go to the house and use the rite which appears in the Appendix II of the Rite for Exorcism

In general, almost all cases are due to autosuggestion. But by saying almost all is not the same as saying all. If not, the Church would not have included its Appendix II.

I would agree with you on the latter that it could be demonic or natural but I didn’t start experiencing these things untill I got the Gifts of the Spirit. Sorry for bursting your bubble.

My bubble? This does not affect me in the least bit! :o Besides, I greatly rejoice and give thanks for the gifts that the Spirit grants to Christ’s little ones, and I sincerely pray that this be God’s Spirit at work!

I simply passed what I learned: that it is not the wisest thing to take discernment in our own hands, but rather that the Church must be involved, who is given the infallible charism of truth.

Sorry on the bubble part. I shoud of put a smiley face next to it. :slight_smile: I was saying that it is more of a gift on the sisters part. Just because a person has this gift doesn’t mean that they are free from sin, also same with Priests. I know that my faith isn’t the sharpest in the bunch either, because I am still tied down to a few sins also(which I am working to break btw) Nobody is above anybody now matter what gifts they have. Sometimes the greater the gift the more tied down and tempted to do wrong there is, kinda like a balancing act. Even St. Paul had that balancing so he wouldn’t get puffed up.

Btw so my reply doesn’t seem rude I will put :thumbsup:;):stuck_out_tongue: and :smiley: to mean kindness.

P.S. As I write this the Holy Spirit is stand right next to me.

I didn’t perceive any rudeness anyways :thumbsup: Thanks for your kind reply. I know to a slight degree what you mean about gifts and balance. :hug1:

Your sister is cohabitating? Objectively, your sister is in a state of mortal sin, which puts her in grave danger. I suggest that you have a gentle but firm talk with her immediately so she can be in a right relationship with God and be delivered from the present evil bothering her. God bless you.

The diabolical like to feed off those with “past unresolved baggage” this may or may not be the real issue.

From personal experience of diabolical infestation, much of what your sister has experienced (and some more), I do know that confession weakens the diabolical hold. If and when she goes to confession then it needs to be when she is ready.

I am not sure that living with her partner is the reason your sister is afflicted, I suspect that this most likely started at some small level prior to her meeting her current partner.

If your sister is open to this suggestion, I suggest that she contacts the Bishops office and ask to be put into contact with the Exorcist priest/lay. If it is diabolical, she will need all the backing from the Church to fight it. This can not be done alone, nor is it safe to do so.

Feel free to email me if you have any queries.

God Bless

Ok I am very new at this so please bare with me I have many concerns also on this matter with all of the "ghost Hunting ’ going on in our world I am very confused on this whole matter and very Naive. I am a convert to Catholicism. I thought when I person died there soul went to heaven or purgatory. Is it true now that the spirits can stay at places. and if people are seeking them that they can make their presence known Bad or Good. My husband watches so many of these shows on tv it is very bothersome to me .Also what about mediums I know we are not to seek them out for answers but am confused when these people seem to know and can relate this to people about their loved ones who have passed.:confused::confused:.

It’s called demonic possession. Those demons communicate throught the medium to decieve that person. The real soul has already passed on to the next world. It is demons who imitate the was living person to decieve.

From personal experience of diabolical infestation, much of what your sister has experienced (and some more), I do know that confession weakens the diabolical hold. If and when she goes to confession then it needs to be when she is ready.

Like I said earlier, even when I confess my sins it still doesn’t stop me from feeling the Holy Spirit next to me, nor does it stop me from feeling when demons are tying to use me. Now when I do sin I dont feel the Spirt or the demonic void, or see hear or other wise untill I confess my sins, or untill God forgive me in his own time. It’s a gift.

Let’s see if I can clarify some things :slight_smile:

First: spirits. What are they? The Catechism speaks clearly.

328 The existence of the spiritual, non-corporeal beings that Sacred Scripture usually calls “angels” is a truth of faith. The witness of Scripture is as clear as the unanimity of Tradition.

329 St. Augustine says: “‘Angel’ is the name of their office, not of their nature. If you seek the name of their nature, it is ‘spirit’; if you seek the name of their office, it is ‘angel’: from what they are, ‘spirit’, from what they do, ‘angel.’”

When we speak of disturbances caused by “spirits” (either in places, called infestation, or of people, called oppression or obsession) we do not mean that they are caused by souls of people who passed away, but that they are caused by fallen angels - and if the Lord did not will it, He at least did allow it and is aware of it, meaning we should never fear these things and always strive to be at peace.

Ordinarily these phenomena are rare. However, sometimes certain peculiar circumstances are such that evil forces are powerfully summoned to a place. As Fr. Fortea mentioned, certain occult practices over a long time can lead to such things. Prayer, especially family prayer, and being in sanctifying grace by devoutly receiving the Sacraments as often as possible , not only shield us from such things, but can also get rid of them. This is one of Christ’s promises to us, the members of His mystical body.

Now, what about those “ghost-hunting” shows? That’s a whole other story. Souls who are not condemned but who need to spend a time of purification in Purgatory are, on some occasions, allowed by God’s infinite mercy to ask for prayers in extraordinary ways. It is not a too-well-known fact that souls in purgatory (the Church Penitent) cannot free themselves, but totally depend on the prayer and works of us living ones (the Church Militant). This is why the Church always remembers in Holy Mass those who are in Purgatory, and why special indulgences applicable solely to souls in Purgatory are granted when we pray for them in cemeteries (something that may sound strange or not pleasant, but that is a very peaceful and edifying practice, especially if we are also visiting a loved one). We must remember that the pains of purgatory are no less intense than the pains of hell, although the poor souls know that they have in fact been saved and will be in heaven in due time.

Now as I said, sometimes, on rare occasions, the Lord allows those poor souls to ask for help. With the saints, the interaction has been direct: almost every diary of saints you read will show some interaction with a poor soul begging for prayers or thanking them because they had just been admitted to the Beatific Vision (the state of heaven). But souls sometimes manifest themselves to ordinary people (often loved ones), sometimes with no conversation at all, and such events are gentle reminders of our duty to pray on their behalf.

In Rome there is a famous place called “Museo delle Anime del Purgatorio”, built in the sacristy of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Suffrage. The story is quite fascinating. There was once a fire in the church, and the priest, don Victor Jouet, saw on the wall behind the altar a suffering face left marked on the wall by the flames. He felt that a poor soul wished to ask for prayers, and decided to create a museum and collect documents and witnesses for similar events.

What about “ghost-hunting” shows? I am very skeptical and I believe that most is just suggestion and illusion, while some of it may be a way to distract people from seeking God. I don’t think too much about them, unless people start to look into those things on their own, which is not spiritually healthy.

“Mediums.” A whole other story. To talk to them, particularly to seek contact with poor souls, is a grave sin, in fact it can be a mortal sin and lead to trouble. Most of the time they are just deceivers (it is hard to believe how much can be achieved through clever communication and some degree of hypnosis) but in a handful of times they seem to contact not poor souls but demons. And that can be quite a dangerous business not only for the place, but for the people involved.

The best way to care for our loved ones is to entrust them to God’s infinite mercy, since Christ is God our Savior, and to offer on their behalf the Sacrifice of Holy Mass and gather indulgences applicable for them.

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I am confused, is your sister is you?

If you sin the little man is sitting back and guiding. God, will only intervene and let you know by allowing you to see, feel etc the horrors of what the little man is doing. It is up to you to correct those sins.


This is solid Catholic teaching on this matter. If you are seeing spirits of any kind this is the best advise.

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