Sister Thea Bowman


Kind of neat huh? What are your thoughts?


I like it when someone from Mississippi did good stuff.


Love Sr. Thea. I pray her cause continues to move forward.


I love how she knew she found The Way at age nine. Praying for her cause :pray:t3:


I met her in WI. She directed one of the weekend retreats I attended.
The local diocese paper ran an article about the joyous funeral celebrated when she died.


What was she like?


Full of energy. It was before her cancer diagnosis. It was a charismatic retreat at the center where I spent much of my time. She expressed joy throughout her talks.
She was not somebody to forget.


She was a Charismatic Catholic correct? I think i love her.


Yes she was. She was one of the few African American members of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. They have a convent in LaCrosse, WI.


Turn that love into action. Pay for her cause.


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