Sister to wed at a secular chapel ceremony in vegas this weekend


my sister (who is catholic) is getting married to a non-believer this weekend in las vegas. Is she allowed to receive the Eucharist under such marital circumstances?


How sad :frowning: Prayers coming her way. No, she would need to get her marriage validated (not a complicated procedure) and go to Confession before receiving Jesus in the Eucharist again.


Did her bishop give her a dispensation to marry outside the Catholic form of marriage?

If not, she will entering into an invalid marriage and cannot receive the Sacraments until she corrects this situation.


So sorry your sister has decided to separate herself from Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament.

Pray for her!!!

As she will not be married, she will need to seek out her Priest for Confession and to begin the marital prep process. The Church does have a way that this invalid marriage can be made valid. Her Priest can guide her.

Keep praying.


no, a bishop did not give her a dispensation to marry…I realize that her marriage will not be valid in the eyes of the church. unfortunately, another issue is that my sis has fallen away from the church so she will not entertain advice about catholic church teachings…thx for the responses/advice.


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