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Hello All,

I have been praying for my sister’s that have little faith. One is 14, and the other is 16. They have many questions of God and religion, but they don’t want to go to church nor take their sacraments. Maybe because my mom never told us too. I started going to church when we were very young; I went with my younger brother on our own; we woke up on sunday morning went to our sunday class then mass. I want them to learn more, but how? I told them about this site, and give them infor, but especially the youngest. She says she prays, but doesn’t feel the need to go to church. I want them to be more motiavated about God and church. I pray for them, but is that enough?

God Bless,




Praying for you, your sisters and family.:gopray2:


Praying fervently! :gopray:


Gladys I will be praying for your sisters. :gopray:


Please say the Novena of Grace. I’ll be saying it for you here. :thumbsup:


Gladys, you will need to ask them why they don’t go to Chruch, if they believe in God and if this God wants them to worship Him with others…you need to find out who/what they’re praying to. Begin there. It’s a long process. We’ve created a religion vs. spirtuality rift in our society, somehow. The assumption is that going to church is religious but not spiritual, and it is better to be spiritual, and the way you become spiritual is to not be religious, that is, go to church. But the two should never be separated.

You need to find out what they believe, don’t argue anything with them just yet. I’m sure many people on this forum (in the apologetics board) will be glad to help you from there. Because you’ll need to help them understand why being religious and spiritual are one and the same-but you must understand it yourself, first!

I’m praying for you and your sisters.


Praying for your two sisters!

~~ the phoenix


Gladys, that’s a very good advice I think. We’re here to help on the forums. With anything. You can create a thread if you have a particular concern or PM me anytime. Many other people like ABostonCatholic I’m sure will also help.

Prayers for you and your sisters…


I will pray for your sisters, pray that the Holy spirit will intervene & give them the grace they need to turn away from this material world. I was a fallen catholic who has recently come home. My father prayed for me all of my life & I feel he is still praying. Prayer works:gopray2:


I will pray for your sisters.


Praying for your sisters to join you on your journey of faith and be welcomed back to the Church. May the Good Shepherd help lead his lost lambs back to his loving arms and grace. Keep praying, asking them to attend with you, and leading by example. May the Holy Spirit continue to give you the strength to continue your faith journey.




Offering them up to our Holy Mother during my holy hour.

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