Sister with Pancreatic Cancer


Please pray for my good friend Mary who is dying with pancreatic cancer. She has two young children and it doesn’t look good.

Thank you!


Thats a really tough cancer. Prayers out.:gopray:


My prayers for your sister :crossrc:


I am praying! :gopray:


I will pray indeed!

A friend of mine’s father had pancreatic cancer. They prayed to Blessed Xavier Seelos and I think received a relic from the foundation. I gave them a third-class relic of St. Padre Pio also. He was miraculously cured 6 months later.

I’m praying for another miracle for your friend Mary also






Thank you guys so much. I just HATE cancer! :mad: It’s all over the friggin place! Something is so terribly wrong.

But you guys are great. God bless you all.

(ps. “Sister” as in Sister in Christ.)


Don’t be discouraged!! Don’t be afraid to ask for a miracle either.

We got my mother miraculous water from Lourdes right after she was diagnosed in early October of last year with pancreatic cancer that had already spread to the liver. She was as yellow as a highlighter pen and weak with liver failure. They gave her an external drain and basically sent her home to die with a hospice nurse scheduled. They did give her the first chemo treatment before she left the hospital and I asked everyone across the country that I could think of for prayers. She began using the miraculous water before leaving the hospital. By the time the lady came to visit (on a Sunday which tells me they thought it was the end), Mom answered the door herself.

She had normal liver function tests by January and no pain (except from a few minor procedures) at any time. The huge mass blocking her pancreas has dissolved.

I know it is not the norm and I am grateful for the miracle of more time that we have been given. A couple of people in my choir have parents who also were supposedly terminal with pancreatic cancer and they have survived for multiple years at this point. The doctors have been baffled, but I know that Our Lady has interceded for people including my mother (who is not even Catholic). I pray that your sister receives a miracle also. You can get the Lourdes water through a site online if you do a search and of course we will all pray, pray and pray some more!!


Praying for her. :gopray2:


Thanks JC Servant. I’m going to print up all of these and give them to her.


Tell her I’m 4 years out from stage 3 cancer. Hang in there. Tim


Praying for Mary and her family.


Top, you’re kidding me! That’s fantastic. She will love to hear that. Everything you hear with pancreatic cancer is bad, bad, bad. It drags you down. Thank you! And I’ll say a prayer for you, too.


Prayers from here!!


You guys are machines over here. I should have been using this section for prayers more often. Thank you so much. :thumbsup:




:signofcross: ** Praying for your friend **:gopray2:


Praying for Mary and her family:signofcross:



Will mention tommorow at mass during village Immaculata prayer for the sick

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