Sister Wives reality shows


I noticed there is a new type of Sister Wife
reality show where the couples are searching for a new wife. There already was a show with one man who has 3 or more wives.
My question is I thought polygamy is illegal
so how can they have shows like this?


AFAIK, only one of them, if that, is married to the man under the eyes of the law. They generally do this so that they cannot prosecuted for bigamy—which is when you are married to two people.

They may have religious ceremonies that allow them to marry more than one person.

Usually, the women live in seperate dwellings with their children and the man’s main residence is with his by-law married wife. He then goes and visits the sister wives. Sometimes the by-law wife role is rotated, meaning they get divorced and marry a different sister wife in the eyes of the law.

Sounds complicated to me! :zipper_mouth_face:


It sounds very complicated.


It sounds to me, painful for the women.


@7_Sorrows, yep, day to day life would be hectic.

@Zaccheus, very much so—especially if the first legally married wife is divorced after like 20 years so that another sister wife is given the main role.


This rotation has frequently been about welfare benefits–and is the basis of every prosecution I’ve read about.

hawk, esq.


When the first show like that came on, I thought who would watch that? But obviously, someone is. TLC has come up with some strange programs. I guess it’s all for the ratings, but I won’t be watching a show that glorifies/normalizes polygamy.


@Irishmom2 I guess the first show has been on for a few years and must have many viewers and good ratings and that is why they have made a new show showing two to three couples “interviewing” and searching for an additional “wife”.
I never watched Sister Wives because I didn’t have cable the last 2 1/2 years and
the people were not interesting to me and
I definitely don’t approve of the lifestyle.
This new show was in progress when I started watching it and the questions seemed superficial they were asking the new potential wife. The husband take the new potential wife to dinner for a date and you could tell he only had one thing on his mind which was trying the merchandise.
Which he confessed he did which made the first wife angry because they did not check with her first, so this potential new wife was sent back to where she came from. The husband did not seem happy that the first wife did not approve. The potential new wife was a very skinny 22 year old and his wife looks like she is ready to give birth
anytime-very pregnant and they have 2 kids already.
All I could think of is how many people will get ideas and think this is okay. Kind of like how 50 Shades of Grey seemed to want to normalize that lifestyle.
The message which they seem to be sending is that the woman serves to please
man which seems strange in the era of the
" me too" movement.
This is Hollywood doing their best to undermine the traditional family of one man and one woman.
Normally I stay away from the reality shows because they are scripted and this
will not be in my lineup of shows to watch
as I don’t have a lot of free time for tv
watching anyway, but I am sure there will be people watching - sadly.


Media reflects what society believes of itself. Be it Birth of a Nation, mistral shows, movies with few lead women not tied to a man, and plenty of other tropes and stereotypes. Those who make media are of this society, and maybe they do a bit to shape it, but it is us that buys it in one way or another and this is perhaps a bigger influence as to what appears in media. Just my take anyway.


Hollywood doesn’t seem to have a problem finding consumers of what they produce.
There are those in society who want permission to do what they want and Hollywood normalizes these different lifestyles.


I never watched it , but I always had the sense it was more of a point-and-laugh type show rather than to glorify this lifestyle.


I was definitely laughing when I watched the new show, but sad to think how many couples might decide they want to try this
lifestyle after watching the show in spite of
the complications.


I think you mean “how many men”.
Very few women voluntarily enter this lifestyle.
They have to either be enticed into it “agree to this or I’ll leave you anyway”; or raised to believe this is a normal and valid choice.


I didn’t know that, but yes that would make sense.

:100: !!


Nothing is illegal anymore, especially when it comes to "marriage. Once so called “same sex marriage” was legalized, everything along that line is now permissible. At least these polygamous marriages are following the “natural law” of male and female couplings.


Polygamy was the norm in the Old Testament.

Jacob’s wives and their children:

Leah’s first children were Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah.
Bilhah’s children were Dan and Naphtali.
Zilpah’s children were Gad and Asher.
Leah’s later children were Issachar, Zebulun and Dinah.
Rachel’s children were Joseph and Benjamin.

If just one of these marriages was legitimate, there could be no more than six tribes of Israel.


I think some people watch it that way, but I don’t think the network views it that way. They have many shows that try to normalize things that aren’t. It’s like they have an agenda, either to support things or to at least be the channel that offers opportunities for non-traditional relationships and lifestyles.


Polygamy has been around longer than same sex marriage. Also the polygamists are not breaking laws necessarily, they are working around it. As was stated earlier, the trouble begins when they commit fraud against the welfare system.


They want to put something unusual on. They think families that try to live in a traditional manner like staying married to the same person and having a large family is unusual too and they’ve had those shows.


Surprisingly these women are okay with the arrangement as long as they approve of the
new wife. However, we all know human nature and how complicated this arrangement could be.

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