'Sister Wives' to petition U.S. Supreme Court to recognize plural marriage


Polygamist Kody Brown of “Sister Wives” fame have been granted more time to pursue an appeal in their case against Utah, FOX13 reports.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor granted the family until Sept. 10 to file a petition of certiorari to have the nation’s top court review their case.

The reality star and his wives sued Utah in 2012 over its historic ban on plural marriage. The Browns were under investigation for bigamy after their TLC reality show aired. They claim the ban on plural marriage infringes on their religious freedom and right to privacy.



Surely no one is surprised? Question is, what next?


From what I understand, if the Supreme Court took the case, they would only be deciding upon the issue of the “Sister Wives” standing to sue Utah in court and would not be deciding upon the merits of the case (whether or not banning polygamy is unconstitutional). In any event, I highly doubt that the Supreme Court will take the case as they probably don’t want to get involved in this dispute. The only way this issue would truly get to the Supreme Court is if an appeals court ruled that bans on polygamy and bigamy are indeed unconstitutional, and while I think that day will come eventually given the ruling on gay “marriage”, I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.


I was shocked at the response when a zoo - after long hesitation and deliberation - shot and killed a much loved and respected ape, when a toddler had fallen into the ape’s quarters. The incredible responses suggested many regarded the ape as only a little less important than the toddler. The ape was in effect granted a dignity (by many) slightly less than relative personhood.


Are they trying to get the state to basically issue “polygamous” marriage licenses, or are they simply trying to remove the that of legal action for living as husband and wife and wife… even without multiple marriage licenses?

Considering that governments can’t really make cohabitation illegal, then there is nothing they can practically do to a group who decides to call themselves “married” (assumes only two are legally married).


We already know the direction our rulers are taking us and how this one will end.


OMHP, they are fighting to remain “relevant” in the world of Reality TV. Their only income (besides welfare) is the TV show on TLC. The husband doesn’t work, they have a few failed business attempts, and if anyone has watched even one episode, they clearly do not have a happy nor healthy lifestyle. All of the wives are miserable and the kids are fairly embarrassed.

They’re struggling to keep their TV show. This keeps them in the news, which keeps the checks coming.
It’s really sad. They claim they’re no better than the other FLDS group, but they’re similar in that those women have been brainwashed.


I think you absolutely nailed it. This is about keeping interest in the show.

Back when I had cable, I did watch a couple episodes of the show (or at least parts of a couple episodes). It broke my heart to hear the women talk about their extremely natural feelings of jealousy, and watching the faces of the kids.

I wouldn’t be surprised, however, to see someone come forward to challenge the anti-polygamy law sometime in the future. But this doesn’t appear to be that challenge.


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I rarely notice typos, except when they change the meaning of a post. :thumbsup:


Why not three or four wives? What’s the big deal :rolleyes:





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