Sisters doing for themselves?!

Over the weekend, I read a scholarly article about the relationship between doctors and feminists pre-Roe v Wade on abortion. It mentioned how many feminists were against the “medicalization” of abortion and how some did their own abortions as a “woman centered service.” The infamous “Jane” network is an example of this. Although the whole article made me morally sick, the idea of women doing their own abortions in someone’s apartment as a sign of “sisterhood” made me particularly angry. What is wrong the world?

Sick, on so many levels… :frowning:

Sick, and largely false.

Bernard Nathanson has now admitted that he and others lobbying for legal abortion made up testimony about thousands of women dieing each year in “back alley” abortions. The truth is that almost all abortions were performed by licensed physicians, even when they were illegal.

The coat hanger abortion is largely one of the big myths of the pro-abortion lobby.

What I’m referring to is different than the “back alley abortionist.” “Jane” was a network of Chicago activists that performed abortions on women who called a certain number looking for “Jane.” Techinically, this too would be considered “back alley” as the abortions weren’t being performed by doctors and were illegal. I’m guessing the women doing them didn’t see it that way, as it was “women helping women” or something like that.

When you take something that does not exist independently of its opposites–as women do not exist independently of men, or vice versa–and try to organize its reactions along nationalist lines (but nations do exist independently of other nations), the imbalance of the relationship makes the participants crazy.

As Confucius said in the commentaries on the Yi Jing, “One feminine and one masculine, this is called the Way.”

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