Sisters of Christian Charity

Today is the foundational anniversary for the Sisters of Christian Charity:

I enjoyed reading about your foundress and history. May all those serving God through the Sisters of Christian Charity be abundantly blessed.


The Charism that I am co-founding isn’t related to the Sisters of Christian Charity mentioned above. We are Vincentian. I don’t think the SCCs are.

If you’d like me to post our link, I would be happy to do so.

Yes, I’d love to see your link,


Company of Charity of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (CCMM):

Everyone begins as a CAMM:

And yes, my local Chancery knows of what I’m doing. We are using this year to pull together the Formation program, and will begin in earnest on November 29.

We will have both actives and Congregational Recluses.

We do not have an age limit, except for that laid down by canon law, which is 17. Everyone will be in their own homes, and keep their jobs (and hopefully benefits). The Holy Innocents Ministry will be located in East TN. Wherever the seed vocation for a particular ministry resides, the others will “cluster” there.

We are concentrating on developing the Spirituality, rather than buildings. We are also planning to have a version of the Sodality of Our Lady for the youth. We accept aspirants as young as 15.

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