Sisters of Life


I’m considering joining the Sisters of Life. I’d like to know more about them but it’s been more than a little difficult to get information. Can anyone enlighten me?


Here is their website with info and also how to contact them with questions:


I would presume you started with:

And that you have also read:

And, perhaps, have seen this:

Have you simply reached out to them, using:

(Particularly contacting the novitiate from the contact list in order to be in touch with the vocation directress?)

I think you would find the interview of Mother Agnes, the foundress and Superior General, to be enlightening and helpful. She is simply an incredible person.


I keep trying to reach out, and something ALWAYS gets in the way! It’s getting to the point of ridiculous. I can’t find a spiritual director who has time and I can’t get in touch with the sisters because of one thing or another. Maybe God is trying to teach me patience, but he’s been bugging me about this since I was 13. You’d think when I finally come around he’d be a little more helpful…

And yes, I’ve read most of their website and watched youtube videos, but I want to know what they are like as people.


A friend of mine spent some time with them and they’re lovely.

Do you have a four year college degree? If not, don’t even bother. That’s one of the requirements.



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