Sisters of Mercy, Alma


I’m curious what people can tell me about this order. I may end up discerning with them if things don’t go well with the SsEW.

God bless you.

I’ve been reading threads on this order on

“I really like the way they work together (and alone) especially in finding ways for each sister to excel in something meaningful for her life and natural talents. I think this is a very healthy aspect of any community, and I find myself very impressed by them.”

The above quote impresses me. I love to see that it isn’t one set apostolate. That makes things much easier, as I don’t know what it would be for me, other than the retreat/catechesis of the SsEW.

I read that they have a “live-in” experience that discerners can try. That sounds great, if I ever end up discerning with them.

“Their Motherhouse was just bursting with energy, liturgies were extremely reverent, and the sisters were very approachable, open, and had a great sense of humor.”


You might have to google or ask on their site, but they were on an EWTN show, either Life on the Rock or Fr. Groechel’s. They were very inspriational, they have doctor’s, lawyers, teachers, an active group, but definitely have time for prayer.

I understand that the Motherhouse is in Alma, Michigan, but they have houses in several states. If one of them is in someones own state, do they have them visit the house in their state, or go to Michigan?

Also, if someone joins the order for aspirancy/postulancy, would they enter the Motherhouse or go to the one in their state?

Also, what is their acceptance age range, and do they make exceptions?

I suggest that you email them with your questions. I don’t think that we’ve had many discerners for them here who might have direct experience.

I agree with cara1. I know you asked me for my input here but I know little to nothing about them, so it would be better for you to contact the Vocation Director directly. :o

I’m sure you looked at their website:

from a blog

You tube

The youtube one is about a sister talking about her sister who became a sister of Alma…very nice photos and commentary.

I found someone on phatmass that will be entering the RSM this year, and she has been wonderful at answering questions. :slight_smile: Thank y’all for the help.

I was very happy to learn that the acceptance age range is generally 18 - 35 years of age; they make exceptions, and they’ve had entrants in late 40’s/early 50’s. This is especially great because I feel I need some more time to mature and grow, and be prepared for such a beautiful life.

Other great things are that they allow continued mental medicine use, and they allow councelling with medical people throughout your life as a Sister, when needed! Great for me!

I loooooove the SsEW, but this Order is growing on me now, too, so I’m glad to have them to discern if God doesn’t will me to be with the SsEW. My only hold up is, what on earth would I do for work with them? That will take a lot of discernment with the VD/Superiors. At present, I do so love the spiritual/retreat work of the SsEW. :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone that shared about the openess of the RSM to those with health issues. :slight_smile:

I meant to give this link before, I just realized I copied one twice.

So glad you found what you were looking for.

There is a story from a RSM Sister on here:

Also from other Sisters, Consecrated Virgins, etc.

Here’s a nice vocation story about a Sister with the RSM:

Blessing of their convent in Alma:

Photo album of the Sisters:
They look like they know how to have FUN! :slight_smile:

Order info:

Here’s a beautiful photo album:

More great links:


Great places to search Orders:

It starts around 16:25 minutes.

They have rotating photos on their homepage.



(Just replace with 02, 03, 12,13, etc.)

  1. Program Name: Life on the Rock #572
    Listen Now
    Series Name: Life on the Rock
    Host: Fr. Mark Mary and Doug Barry w/ the Sisters of Mercy of Alma
    Date Produced: 8/21/2008
    Description: The Service of Mercy

Listen to the RSM on Life on the Rock:
Starts 15:50

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