Sisters of Our Lady of LaSalette, France

These Sisters were founded to promote the message of LaSalette. They have convents in numerous countries, including the US, where they are engaged in the spectrum of Ministries.

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A religious order named specifically in honor of an approved private revelation…
I’m sure there are others, but I can’t think of any off hand.

I suppose communities named after the Sacred Heart have somewhat a connection to that private revelation, but that is in part Scriptural.

Are there communities named in honor of Fatima or Lourdes? I’m guessing there are. (Being named after St Bernadette for instance is not the same thing).

I wonder if there are or could be any communities named in honor of a private revelation not approved at the time the community itself was approved by the Church?

@nunsuch should know.

The Rochester, MN, Franciscans are named for Our Lady of Lourdes.

There’s a congregation in India named for Our Lady of Fatima.

The Victory Knoll sisters in Indiana are named for Our Lady of Victory.

Missionaries of Divine Revelation promote the message of the Virgin of Revelation. They’re even tourguides at the Vatican.

My own congregation has as a side purpose the propagation of the Miraculous Medal. We wear the 3-Way Pardon Crucifix. The MM is on one side of the crucifix, and the St Benedict medal is on the other side. We hope to establish ministries under the patronage of Our Lady and her various titles, particularly Pontmain and other European locations.

The Sisters of Merciful Jesus are the active congregation called for by the Divine Mercy Revelations.

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Pope St. John Paul II told a founder who had been to Medjugorje that a congregation can be named for a revelation even if it’s not approved. This founder had been told by one of the (alleged) visionaries that Our Lady wanted him to use his inheritance to start a contemplative congregation. He did so, and now has expanded to three monasteries.

Ok, but Any reference to what a pope (privately) told someone is permitted should be corroborated by another source.

Believe me, I wish I had that source so I can pass it on to the other founders.

I was taking another look at McCarthy, and one approved vision that’s got the the lion’s share of congregational patronage in Mexico is Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Sisters of Bethany of the Sacred Heart were requested by Our Lord in the Infinite Love visions. They are similar to the Visitation.

One of my works-in-progress deals with congregations founded as a result of visions.

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