Sisters of the Holy Spirit, Pittsburgh, Vocation Story

I think all discerners need to read this. She explains why she dissolved into tears so many times.

Another reason why one is asked to make one’s own way in the world is to detach from family. If one has moved into their own apartment (and worked out their own budget), then leaving to enter a convent is not as hard. I always joke that one needs to know about budgets because of the distinct possibility of one becoming a superior somewhere down the road.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican

In most congregations these days, ALL sisters must submit a budget annually. Leaders dont infantalize the members and simply ordee th around. That is not what modt religious today understand obediebce to mean. See, for example, the work of Sandra Schneiders.

I was referring primarily to the cloisters. To my knowledge, I know of no cloistered nun who has to submit a budget to her superior.

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