Sisters seek 'transparency' [CN-USA]

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious has accused the Holy See of lacking “transparency” concerning the motivation and funding sources for a Vatican investigation of US sisters.

The LCWR also said it objects to the Vatican plan to keep private the reports that will be submitted to the Holy See, Associated Press reports.

“There’s no transparency there,” said Sr Annmarie Sanders, a conference spokeswoman. At the conference’s assembly last week in New Orleans, the outgoing president of the group, Sr J. Lora Dambroski, described the investigation as a challenge to creatively live out the Gospel and said it could be “another defining moment” for Catholic sisters.


Since when is the Church a democracy?

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If the Vatican has asked the orders to pay for the visit, wouldn’t they know?

If they have not been asked to foot the bill, why are they complaining?

Hence the investigation.


One Catholic writer remarked that the investigation is actually about 30 years overdue. Maybe the Sisters who are complaining should have been a little more transparent themselves rather than looking for creative ways to dissent from Church teachings. That’s why many of their orders have failed to attract new members.

What are they worried about? I’m sure the Vatican investigation will fully support those orders that follow Church teachings.

Wow! Here’s the answer. You didn’t even need an investigation did you? Wonder why God didn’t give that powerful gift of discernment to the Holy Father.

That is exactly what they are worried about!! In order to obtain the Vatican’s support, they might EEKKK!:eek::eek: have to start following Church teachings.

Well Mike, I’m just repeating what several respected Catholic authors have stated in regards to some women’s religious orders and I agree with them. I have seen firsthand how some, not all, view the Church as oppressive and unjust which they feel justifies their dissent from official Church teaching. It’s also been stated on several occasions that those religious orders who are experiencing an increase in vocations are those who are loyal to Church teaching. Those orders who have been less loyal to official Church teaching have seen their numbers shrink, and in some cases, disappear. It all goes back to Jesus’s words, “By their fruits you shall know them.”

Or maybe the Vatican should wait 20 more years, for the dissenting nuns will be extinct by then and the orthodox nuns will be thriving. There is a glimmer of hope in all of this.

I second that :amen:

Wonderfully stated, sir :thumbsup:. And :amen:.

About the investigation… I wonder if the investigation into the dissent and quality of life have anything to do with the retreat centers and various convents engaging (publically & privately) in eco-spirituality, reiki, feminine-god, the new age, feminist dissent, medicine dolls, Buddhism and other things. Could that be the reason? I do fear such things are common, as I remember once at a Catholic College prayer group, a sister brought in someone to smudge us (an American Indian spiritual cleansing ceremony). I didn’t know what it was, and my room mate & I felt uneasy about it… we thought we were in a Catholic prayer group :o. I hadn’t converted yet, and I just praise the Holy Spirit for bringing me into the Catholic Church because it sure wasn’t that prayer group (which at the time, really upset me as a Christian. Thank God I was protected from getting the wrong impression, I’m so glad I wasn’t driven away!). And then while looking for retreats online, I noticed a lot of such things being offered (not just by Sisters, though). That’s why I truly wonder if things (like what I first mentioned) are what’s being investigated, because maybe they’re common occurances? I only mention that because I truly don’t know what else it could be. Whatever the cause, I believe the Holy Spirit is guiding the Holy See for the good of the church, and I pray that during this process those being investigated will trust in humble obedience the guidance of the Lord through His church :).

“Transparency” indeed!

I guess these sisters are so politically oriented now that they even use political jargon to describe their relationship with the Church.

This I think is the best quote out of the whole message. To bad many have fallen away, God bless sisters like Mother Angelica!

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