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I am discerning a vocation to the religious life. I have visited two active and two contemplative communities.I feel that God draws me to an active or missionary order. Someone advised me to look into communities with Ignatian spirituality as this is a spirituality that I have always liked. However I can’t find any of them. Could anyone perhaps provide me with names of communities with Ignatian spirituality? Thanks:)


I can only think of the Sisters of St Joseph off the top of my head.


Our brilliant expert on religious orders, Cloisters, posted a link on June 23 about the Faithful
Companions of Jesus. They are an International order with convents in the US that live an Ignatian Spirituality.


Wikipedia also has a list of 14 orders for women that follow Ignatian Spirituality.

It is called: "Category, Women’s congregations following Ignatian Spirituality.

God bless you.


The Sisters of Mary Reparatrix originally were founded as a cloistered, contemplative order
which gave their lives, prayers and works in the spirit of Mary’s Reparation for the sins of the world.

The Cenacle Sisters are dedicated to renewing the Catholic Faith through retreats, workshops, etc. They appear to be very joyful on their website.


:blush: Thanks be to God, if anyone.

There was an explosion of “Jesuitesses” after the French Revolution. I think I made a list of them on CAF some years ago. Most of them adapted the widow’s weeds of their time. Most notable would be the Holy Cross sisters, with their fluted fan headdress.

Another would be the Religious of Jesus and Mary. And the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Bar Convent in the UK was probably the first convent of “Jesuitesses.”

There had actually been a “Jesuitesses” community proper, but it didn’t flourish.

What kind of missionary emphasis are you talking about? Home or foreign?

The Poor Servants of the Mother of God are here locally, and are in dire need of vocations. They run a nursing home, assisted living, and retirement community, all under the heading of Pennybyrn.

As I tell discerners, ditch the list, become God’s friend, and follow your attractions.



Our Stella Maris Contemplatives (Cloisterites) have Blessed Emilie’s Reparatrix Ignatian Spirituality. We will eventually have a contemplative-active branch that does more outreach work than our cenobites & (non-c.603) eremites. We hope to eventually emulate the Camaldolese with the cenobites being on the same property as the eremites.

The Mary Reparatrix sisters were originally called to be “other Marys at the foot of the altar.” They also took in First Communicants (at least in Entebbe) for lengthy retreats and detailed First Communion instruction and catechesis. The sisters were considered ‘semi-cloistered’, and had a golden grille separating them from the public in their chapels. When they did adoration, or participated in other community functions, they would often wear a large over-cloak which had a blue stripe on it.

Since Blessed Emilie said their spirituality also included the cenacle, we have proposed our own version of the Cenacle sisters, as well.



Thanks a lot for your answers. I forgot to mention that I’m in Europe and at the moment not willing to discern outside of Europe. Cloisters you said that God works through attraction. I really think that’s true and the reason why I didn’t discern with certain communities is that they just didn’t make any impression on me. I actually consider working as a lay missionary and take my discerning from there.


By the way, I do think the cenacle community seems very nice however I really love orders with full habits.


Beautiful posts, Cloisters.


European, Ignatian.


The oldest and most established congregation of sisters with Ignatian spirituality is the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as the Companions of Jesus who became independent of them in the 20th century but who also trace their origins to Mary Ward. They are active in England, Canada, the US, and Germany, at least. fun fact, this was the original Comunity of Mother Theresa before she founded the Missionaries of Charity.


Here’s the thread with the list, which you’ll find in the last two posts:



that’s great. Thank you so much for your help :flowers:


That’s not a bad route to take. Do the work while living a structured lifestyle. I think this would be akin to someone discerning a call to the medical field signing up to be a Candy Striper (teen hospital volunteer).



Follow your attractions. You may not be called there, but perhaps the ‘retreat’ emphasis is what you’re needing to actually do, but not necessarily live.

Not all Cenacle sisters are wearing mufti. I have seen some who wear something of a habit. At least here in the US, they aim at having some purple on them.

When you mentioned Europe, there are the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara who are Ignatian. Also, somewhere in Italy, there is a split-off community from the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that is habited.

If you’ve Jesuits available for spiritual direction, I would recommend that.

Also, Salesian spirituality, IMHO, gave “hands and feet” to St. Ignatius’ Nineteenth Annotation, which spoke of communicating their spirituality to the laity. St. Francis de Sales, who was both a secular attorney and ecclesial canonist, was educated by the Jesuits, and his “Introduction to the Devout Life” is a simplified version of the Spiritual Exercises.

In that case, the Salesians of St. John Bosco are an active community, and are present in Europe.



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