Sistine Chapel rented out as part of 'exclusive Porsche tour of Rome' [CWN]

The Sistine Chapel is being rented out on the evening of October 18 to the Porsche Travel Club as part of an “exclusive Porsche tour of Rome” for 40 tourists, according to the auto company …


It’s good that the proceeds are going to be given to charity. I’m quite surprised to read about this, as when I visited the Sistine Chapel a few months ago attendants constantly reminded people that they should refrain from talking.

The people lucky enough to attend this event will have a wonderful experience, as the only negative I took away from my visit was that it’s impossible to properly enjoy the beauty in such a big crowd!


Something doesn’t sit right about this. A casual observer, an atheist for example, will hear this and think that the Church is selling out.

Proceeds will benefit the poor and the homeless. I really can’t see atheists objecting.

So much for returning us to a sense of the sacred. I’m sorry. This is wrong. When liberals (Bob Beckel) are shocked and disappointed, you know it’s bad.

Isn’t this similar to having money changers in the Temple?

Not similar at all. In this instance the money is going to the poor and homeless

The ends do not justify the means.

The Vatican should take it a step further and have a fire sale. Sell off their art and gold within the Vatican and give proceeds to the poor. Why should Vatican hoard that great wealth?!

I hope you are not serious?

Sarcasm. My scenario and the topic of this thread both deal with the absurd.

Sigh. Just. No.

This is our precious space. The wealthy and the poor and everyone in between. This isn’t an NBA court where the wealthy can buy their place up close and personal. Why would Pope Francis ever consider locking out the average fella for a few elites to enjoy the chapel in a more comfortable manner (not shoulder to shoulder with other smelly sheep?).

I’m really disappointed.

I thought the Sistine Chapel was a holy place - specifically designed and dedicated to the glory of God. When last I visited, we were asked to keep silent out of respect, so I can’t imagine renting it out for utilitarian purposes. Are the people renting it Christian? Is the concert at least include music for the glory of God? If not, I suppose anyone could rent it as long as money went to the poor?

The music is a setting of the Mass: Kyrie, Gloria, etc.

That doesn’t strike me as inappropriate at all. Who knows it may even perhaps plant a seed…

Plus it’s for charity.

Our Benedictine abbey often has classical concerts and organ concerts in the beautiful church with excellent acoustics. Often the abbot himself participates as he’s also titular organist. No danger of desecration because in the Benedictine tradition the Blessed Sacrament is reserved in a separate chapel.

These concerts are not always religious music, but always classical/baroque, etc. so not in poor taste. My kids also were in a string orchestra when they were young and their concerts would be held in a local Catholic church. The Blessed Sacrament was always removed beforehand. Some churches make excellent venues by way of their architect and acoustics. As long as the music is in good taste, steps are taken to prevent desecration, and that some of the proceeds go to the Church/parish for upkeep or charity work, I can’t get too scandalized.

I did see something interesting at a concert of ancient music at an abbey in England. Before the concert started, one of the monks invited everyone to pray with him as he “released” the Church for the concert, and then he again asked for a prayer at the end of the concert, to return the church to it’s sacred function. I thought it was a nice touch, it reminded everyone who was there what the purpose of the building was, and reminded them that the owners of the church were servants of God. And I bet for some in attendance, it was a reminder that there are some people who believe in God and take Him seriously, and that even if one doesn’t believe, one should respect and be thankful to those who do, who made the opportunity possible.

To some extent, any fund-raising event is. I don’t want to pronounce moral judgement on this rental agreement, however. It may do more good than harm in the long run.

I think this is absolutely shameful! the sistine chapel has enormous relevance for many reasons, to rent it out like this to me seems undignified no matter how its white washed as the money going to charity

There are many ways one can fund charity organizations without having to rent out a place of such symbolism to a group of probably extremely wealthy, probably spoil:mad:ed and pampered people

Im not pleased at the NEW trend with bergoglio

Disgraceful and without class in my most humble opinion!

Who took the liberty of deciding this?

Didnt they remember the very clear message and teaching Christ gave us?

When Christ kicked out the merchants from the temple, they were selling animals for the slaughter within the temple and according to some changing money for the temple, so it was in service of the temple


because they were turning His Fathers House into a place of commerce

I was initially uncomfortable hearing this news yet weighing out what is transpiring it doesn’t seem a great departure of treatment of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums – at least in recent decades.

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel (duration of the tour is approximately 2 hours)

The reservation allows individual visitors to be part of a Vatican Group Tour conducted by an official Vatican Tour Guide. The tour takes the visitor through the most significant cultural and religious areas of the Vatican Museums. The tour follows an itinerary which includes: the Pio Clementino Museum (classical antiquity), the Gallery of the Candelabras, the Gallery of the Tapestries and the Gallery of the Geographical Maps (Renaissance Art), the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel.

[quote]Tariffs ---- full € 32,00

**reduced*	€ 24,00**


The Sistine Chapel along with the Vatican Museums normally is a tourist magnet (as Catholic News Service dubs). There are a few instances of concerts in the Sistine Chapel. A concert for Georg Ratzinger’s 85th b-day. Regensburger Domspatzen orchestra and choir perform Mozart’s ‘Great Mass in C minor’.

What is being offered seems fairly consistent with normal functioning of the Sistine Chapel along with the Vatican Museums. What seems unique is the price of the Group Tour (cost around 5,000 euros).

If Lady Gaga, Sinead O’Connor (dressed as a priestess) or that Russian punk rock group *Riot was performing their own music then the reason to be irate would be a given.

Unless one doesn’t like the ongoing tours of the Sistine Chapel at all.

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