Sit, Stand or Kneel?

I started attending daily mass during lent and I learned I do not know when to sit, stand or kneel at the proper times. I have no trouble during Sunday mass because we have a choir and I found that the choir was triggering my responses so without them I am struggling with the right time to sit, stand or kneel. Can you help me?

Also, what do you do if you cannot kneel?

Just follows others and you will get to know when (like during the consecration)

Also if you cant kneel, then dont and sit instead.
God Bless

I am the only one at mass during the week.

Hmmm…have to give kudos to your priest!

Im sure someone post the order soon then. :slight_smile:

Here I found something on it… :slight_smile:

GIRM n. 43 describes the posture of the faithful during the Mass.

Stand from the entrance procession until after the Collect (the opening prayer).

Sit for the First Reading, Psalm, and Second Reading.

Stand for the Alleluia and the Gospel.

Sit for the homily.

Stand for the Creed and the Prayer of the Faithful.

Sit for the offertory.

Stand when the priest says “Pray, brethren…” and stay standing until after the “Holy, Holy, Holy”.

Kneel for the entire Eucharistic Prayer until after the “Amen”.

Stand from the “Amen” to after the “Lamb of God”.

(In some dioceses, you kneel after the “Lamb of God”.)

You may sit, stand, or kneel after you return to your seat after Communion.

You stand for the prayer after Communion until the end of Mass.

I attend at my Parish Center, which offers a Vigil Mass each Saturday late afternoon, because it is all on one level, wheelchair & handicap-accessible, and has chairs, not pews and no kneelers or cushions. Some, who are able, (over half the congregation) do kneel, and some even bring a small foam or other type of cushioning to kneel on. Starting with our previous Priest, we were no longer allowed to sit during the Consecration, unless in a wheelchair, so we stand. If my back & leg are too painful, I sit anyway, but seldom. Some of our elderly, who cannot stand longer than for the Gospel (& some can only stand for 1 or 2 minutes) sit in a prayerful attitude. It is not disrespectful, since all of those who either sit or stand are physically unable to kneel and then get up again! I could kneel, but would need a lot of help to stand again, and then my bad leg wouldn’t function well!! I also serve as an EMHC at the Center and help distribute either the Chalice or Hosts to the handicapped in wheelchairs or on walkers who cannot go into the Communion line. If you cannot kneel, but can stand, remaining standing during the Consecration with hands folded or held in a prayerful attitude is acceptable anywhere. Even at the Latin Mass, which is held about 40 miles from me, those unable to kneel at the Communion rail, remain standing, since they have a physical disability.

God looks at the heart, not the bodily positions, so long as you are respectful and prayerful during the Mass. If you cannot kneel, then stand or sit in a prayerful attitude.

Just watch this.

Thank you so much for all your help. It is a great comfort to know what to do and when.

Our Priest gives slight hand signals to stand or sit. Not sure why, other than being helpful to visiting non-Catholics or Catholics that show up once a year for a baptism, confirmation, or the Christmas services. Maybe also for the benefit of Hispanics (non-English speakers) attending the English language Mass. Eh, he’s just being helpful, I think.

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