Site cannot be reached

I can’t log in from my smartphone that I usually use; I get a page that reads “site cannot be reached.” I can log in on my tablet which is on the same plan as my phone and also from my work cell.

I thought the site was down for maintenance last night but this morning checked and it’s just me or my phone, rather.
I’ve, cleared the cache, restarted my phone, and I’m about to log out on all devices in settings.

Anything else I can try?

ETA: I logged out, updated my browser, restarted my phone. I even tried the other browser on my phone. I’m out of ideas.


Is it possible my IP address is blocked?

I’m using an IPhone 8 with the latest updates. Everything is working fine… :man_shrugging:t2:

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Yeah, I’m on wifi at the clinic and I logged in just fine. When I leave I’ll try again.

Just before I logged in there was a message at the top of the site about a high load or something. Should’ve taken a screen shot.

I probably have to check with my provider.

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