Site of Chicago Hospital Shooting a State-Mandated Gun-Free Zone


Much better to go to East St. Louis where they don’t have the gun ban.


I think they found that most murders involve people who know each other. Chicago has the additional problem of gangs who seek revenge and so forth. Calling them out on gun laws to me is a cheap shot, no pun intended. I lived in London and many murders there are by knife even though guns are legal.


The fact that a few people rightfully or wrongly think (legislative or government regulation) gun free zones Attract gunmen is beside the point. The problem is it is almost impossible to repeal an ineffective, useless or unenforceable regulation or law. It is too easy to put in place a Send-a-message law.

Politicians crave emotional media coverage. They get cheap photo ops standing on the street next to people holding candles, “it’s time to show We Mean Business!” From now on, hydrogen bombs will NOT be allowed in the NICU. You better leave yours somewhere else buster.

There is no photo ops for politicians
who try to Repeal that government regulation that husbands Will tell their wife “I love you” and pick up their socks at least once a month.


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