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This link was interesting and made for interesting reading. You have traditional Priestly societies as well as some that are not in union with Rome (which is why I put the thread here). They range from Sedavacantist groups (See of Peter was vacant after Pius XXII, etc) to groups that elected their own Pope (Pius XIII).

Some of them see JPII as some sort of ecumenical liberal. I don’t imagine any of them are very large.

Pope Michael
His site contains what I guess must be the Sedevacantist explanation for why the See of Peter is vacant:

Pope Pius XIII (aka Rev Pulvermacher)

Rev North


there is no pius xxii. the last pope pius was pius xii. what is the point of this post?


My bad…hit to many X’s.

You ask about the point :confused:
The point of posts generally fall into two categories (generally). The first is where people are seeking information. The person posts and then various people try to assist with answers. The second type (and please remember that these are simply broad generalizations) are posts of general interest to the poster and possibly others that become the source of discussion.

This post falls more into the second category. When I first came across these links I as an academic found them fascinating both in terms of the odd ball types like Pulvermacher who call him self Pope and in terms of the Sedevacantist movement and traditionalism in a more general sense. The politics and rationale of it are interesting. You have (as you can see from the list) some rather sincere tradtionalist groups (fringe though they may be). I would not include Pulvermacher or Pope Michael in that category.

Schismatic groups that are non Catholic (ie non Roman Catholic) have caused considerable questions among Catholics. I recall on going irritation in a book I have of questions between a reader who was angry at a Catholic Priest for asserting that the Lefebvre group was schismatic and that taking sacaraments there was a sin.

Hope that helps and welcome to the forum and the world of posting. I look forward to your particpation.

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Who are you welcoming?


Oooops. Sorry TCath. I thought you were confused about the purpose of posting. :wink: I hope you were not intending to be rude. In any case, hopefully I provided you some helpful information about the purpose of the post.

Perhaps you as a Traditional Catholic may have insight to add to the disucssion in relation to legitmate Tradtionalist societies that have gone into schism against the church versus remained loyal to the Holy Father. I look forward to your insight.

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i don’t get rude:D i was only wondering about the sedevacantist stuff that is all. i guess i should’ve rephrased the question for you. what i meant to ask was, what is the point of posting the sedevacantist stuff? i can say SSPX is not sedevacantist, but they are not in communion with rome. i shy away from sedevacantism because they have no point and they most certainly do not have the blessing of the church. that is why i was wondering about the sedevacantism. that is all. no rude stuff intended:)


No problem :slight_smile:

What are your thoughts about the Lefebvre groups. I understand there are strong feelings. Several people wrote the columnist angry about the suggestion that they were schismatic and you must not take communion there. It seems some Catholics are very upset about Novus Ordo and see the Lefebvre group as we in Canada might say in Parliament…the loyal opposition.

What are your thoughts?

Here is Pius X (founded by Lefebvre). It has a Third Order attached to it (very strict).

Pius V

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no. the ones i know of are the sspx, not sedevacantist, but not in communion with rome. and then society of saint pius v, sedevacantist definitely not in communion with rome. the sspx wil be in communion with rome some day, but the sspv? i don’t think so.

the canonical status of the laity of the sspx has not been determined. however, its a touchy situation. ecclesia dei states clearly the situation between the sspx and rome. the bishops are excommunicated. exct. there are strong feelings indeed. in order for these feelings to dissipate, the sspx has to be in communion with rome, and in order for that to happen they have to listen to the pope. they have to be willing to listen to the pope.


Interesting. Do you think that the re introduction of a more frequent Latin Mass will placate Pius X and help them to return or are they determined for an all or nothing approach. I also wonder if their number are growing or shrinking.

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well, as far as i know, there are 1 million in the sspx. are their numbers dwindling? no. on the contrary, as far as i know and have been told, their numbers are fast growing and their parishes are packed every single sunday. i think it is a good start for the sspx on the road back to rome with this motu proprio being released. i can tell you that the superior general of the sspx is delighted about the motu proprio but he also addressed the issue of the excomunications. i think before they come back, they want that lifted. that is my understanding. i think they have made that quite clear.


One million…wow…:bigyikes: I had no idea.

There seems in general to be a return to traditionalism among younger people. The older baby boomer (60’s hippee types) that kind of skewed the church are having it steered back on path in spite of themselves. I have noticed that some of the radical feminist or leftists type nuns (etc) are in this older generation where the church orders lost people and so on. It seems there is almost a rejuvination and that traditionalism among the youth is leading the way.

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my perspective, and its only my perspective, is that the youth never knew what a Tridentine Latin Mass is, so they are naturally curious by it. that could explain why the TLM has alot of youth. the TLM in my city has equal youth to adults and senior adults. so there was no greater number than the other. it was pretty much equal. any how, i must do my blog upkeep, and so on, so thank you for posting. God bless you.


God bless you my sister in Christ!

Rev North

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