Hi, I want to know if the following site is a good source and also is it true that i can’t have intercourse with my wife?

They have an article there that says the New Mass is invalid: ~ we all know that’s false.

It seems there’s another article there that says the last 6 popes are anti-popes: ~ obviously more ridiculously false claims.

There are other things I don’t like about that site, but I’ll just say that u need to look for a better source for solid, faithful Catholic info.

I’ll post some here:

New Advent
Catholic Culture ~ this site also does pretty good reviews of other sites to see if they are faithful to the Church or not; but of course, they aren’t perfect, but from what I’ve seen, I think they do a good job.

Also, why wouldn’t u be able to have intercourse with your wife? :shrug: What have u heard that makes u believe that u can’t?

And it should twig you that it calls all the Popes from Paul VI to Benedict XVI heretical, and Francis an antipope.

I always find it funny, though, that these types don’t include Pius XII in the list of antipopes, given the man made the preparations for the Council and would likely have done more if he had not died. Then again, their vision of what happened at Vatican II generally is a fantasy, so it should not be surprising that they have a fantasy Pius XII in their scheme of things.

I was alerted by McAfee (computer security) that this link has potentially unsafe content (for one’s computer). Please endeavour to provide safe links in the future.

Of course, much of the content is also unsafe for our souls.

I think it’s a good ‘rule of thumb’ that if I site is unsafe for one’s computer it is probably also bad for one’s mind or soul.

Hi, i am sorry about the link but i got no warning at all. I use the inbuilt mac security.

It never twigged as i am new to the faith and probably getting confused with all the traditional stuff going on.

I read it on that site about having intercourse with my wife. it says that its not a sin if we are to try to have a baby but otherwise its a sin.

Thank you for the links Suko :slight_smile: I will have a look.

Thanks for all your help.

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