Sitting out of some sessions in a writing workshop


I recently took a writing workshop and was disturbed by two of the offerings.

One was concerning a story about a person who didn’t see anything wrong with gay marriage, which bothered me so much I didn’t even come to class, the other was a piece which contained much impurity- the writer of piece called it erotica. This one I just left the classroom for then returned after discussion of it was finished.

Just wondering if I overreacted or if there was something I could do differently in the future.

Thanks for listening.

I don’t think you overreacted. It sounds like the seminar is offering what’s popular (sex) and/or politically correct nowadays. If we say nothing but go along eventually the voice of conscience will be drowned out. You did nothing wrong.

I also attended a local writing group and felt the topics others were focused on were not appropriate for a Christian. I continue to struggle with it but I wonder could my topics help to point someone else in the group toward Christ. It’s tough to be in the world and not of the world.

I’ve been in 2 different writer’s groups - one of which I started. At the first meeting one person wanted to read her “adult” story - but my kids were there. I told her this was a family-friendly group & she never came back. I now belong to a larger group, also family-friendly. In the years I’ve belonged, only one person who wrote “adult” themed novels came - and she came only once.

I put the word “adult” in quotes because so often those books & stories are adolescent fantasies.

Another time a poet from the local Catholic university gave a reading at our public library. His poems were so filthy we walked out. The librarians were upset because they told him children would be there.

There is a large audience for books with proper adult themes that don’t involve erotica. I wish more authors realized that.

Sorry - I’ll get off my soapbox. :o But yes - you did good by walking out. :thumbsup:

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