Situation with friend


so i have a friend at who lives in a more rural part of our mainland area and her mom basically doesn’t let her go in to the city. she does come out for university but she has never really been around many places just to go have fun.

i was thiking of just taking her to some of our public markets or little shopping areas that she wants to go with good food after we’re done classes. her mom usually lets her stay at school to study but she’s not allowed to leave. but i’m not sure if i shoudl do it. she is an adult so she can make her own decisions but she still lives with her mom so still owes her a certain respect and obedience.

i just feel like if i do take her, it’ll create a situation where she will most likely lie to her mom or omit telling her about the part where we gone out. on the other hand, she otherwise just stays at home all day and doesn’t get to do anything else besides school.

do you guys have any advice?


You could invite her and see where it leads.


Spend time at her house, especially with her more.

Make a good impression and then Lil’ Susie might be able to come our a play.:wink:


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