Six Prayers for me, Against FOCA and for us All


Please take a minute to say these prayers I’ve written. They may not be beautiful, but does it really matter?

To Saint Joseph:

Saint Joseph,
Who God chose to raise his Son
We ask you to pray for us
In hope that you will prevent
The FOCA bill from being passed.
Pray for the guidence of our leaders
And pray for all of those who contemplate
Abortions for themselves.
And for those who have already done so
Pray for them too, but most of all,
For those children
Who never will taste life.
Who will never even have those simple things.
Bread nor water, milk nor honey.
Love nor happiness,
Sadness nor joy.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost,
Pray for us.

To Our Lady:
Our Lady pray for us.
God chose you of all the women
On this earth to give birth of his son.
Pray that others will give birth to their gifts
As well, for are they not from God too?
And pray for us all, and that we be guided
By the grace of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

To Saint Patrick:
Patrick, who converted so many
Heathen folk, and drove the Druids from Ireland
Like the snakes they were,
Pray for us all,
And that the lost find the faith,
And that I too may find it
And that I may be allowed to attend
A Mass most holy.
Pray for us, by the holy grace
Of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost,

To Saint George:
You who slew a dragon,
We fight a serpent of our own.
Indeed, this day we fight many serpents.
Pray for the souls of our soldiers at war
For our leaders
And for us all.

To Saint Nicholas:
They say you tossed coins
To those in need.
Pray with us, and for us,
Pray for those who have lost much.
In storms. In debt. In all manner of ways.
Pray for them all!

To Christ:
Oh Christ, Son of God
Messiah, Bringer of Light,
Prince of Peace, Lover of All,
Pray for us each,
Each and every one.
From the smallest babe,
To the largest giant.
We Pray for the unborn
For the early born
The late born,
The sick
The old
The dead
The lost.
Pray for me,
Pray for them,
Lead us and guide us
In thy name!




Well, I looked at this thread, and I saw how long it was, and I was too tired to pray it all. Then I heard Fr. Pacwa on the TV mention St. George, so I looked to see if you mentioned him. So I prayed. :wink: And actually, that was really good, Silvereel! Amen.



Thank you for your beautiful prayers,
with your thoughtfulness and care for so many people and needs


These are lovely prayers. I will print them off and pray them every day.



I prayed them all. They were lovely.





(And I thought they were beautiful)


Well, I’m really glad you guys liked them! I really don’t know what to say. I tried my best. Not to say, of course, that God would rather have a poetic prayer. I’m sure He wants to hear from us all, so long as it’s from the heart. But, taking the time to write something the best you can does show, I guess, that you care enough about this prayer, and have enough faith to do so, can’t hurt. And besides, he gave us the ability to make poetic things, so why not give some of it back to him in return?


God only wishes the prayers from your heart. As you saidHe doesn’t worry about poetic words. Your response to His Spirit and your compassion is His gift to you and to us. I prayed your prayers again.
God bless you.


Amen. Thank you for praying for so many needs of the world. Your prayers are beautiful.


Offering you prayers again
May God continue to bless you


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