Six reasons NOT to send your daughter to college

Hey, what do ya’ll think of this?

well I’m vehemently anti-feminist, so I agree whole-heartedly with the article, even if I find a couple of their reasons silly (near occasion of sin for the parents?! and who’s to say what is a near occasion of sin for one student will be fore others??)

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this has to be the dumbest thing I ever read. By the way, my parents got married THEN WENT TO THE SAME COLLEGE.

I think the debt issue is a major concern, but luckily that’s a predominantly American issue and in Australia a university degree will not leave you with such a burden.

I find the other reasons flimsy and will certainly encourage my daughters to seek higher education if that is where their talents seem to lead them. My mother (of 3 children) and wife (4 children) are both university educated and it has been a great blessing.

And really…who are all these “lazy men” hanging around uni? A uni degree (well, most of them) is hard work and I would think a university educated man would make a good husband on average. Statistics in fact bear this out…university educated people have lower divorce rates on average.

University an “occasion of sin”. Sure, instead, let’s lock up our daughters. :rolleyes:

The debt issue is a problem in most of the UK.

To my mind the real problem is that the feminist bias in education is such that the role of wife and mother is massively undervalued and for an educated woman to choos that role is seen as letting the side down & failing - when it shoul be encouraged and given (at least) equal status.

Dumbest thing I ever heard! The men that Fix the Family so want - men who stay at home to provide and protect their wives usually need a university degree to do so. And you know what?? Those men want women with a degree - even if they stay at home. I don’t think my double Master’s having husband would have married me if I didn’t have my first degree (and I stay at home)

We’ve been discussing this one in the last coupla days here…

This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. Near occasion of sin? If we are going to that the USA in and of itself is a near ocassion of sin, so per this article now all Catholics have to leave the US and go to the amazon jungle because this country is a near ocassion of sin. Silly. Also, why College is not a near ocassion of sin for boys? Realistically more boys tend to engage in sin than girls at College and more boys tend to become more promiscuous and engage in drinking, partying, etc. Than girls. So if we are going to go because of the near ocassion of sin men are the ones who should not be sent to college.

Women getting a higher education is not a new feminist idea. St. Gianna Mola was a medical doctor.

Many of my former teachers in Catholic grammar school were sisters who wore habits. My principal was a sister as well. I’m sure they went to college. :eek:

Let’s remember also that there’s nothing wrong with being a feminist just so long as our “feminism” means that we believe women are of equal dignity to men and should have the same rights as men… and not that both sexes are the same.

*She will attract the wrong kind of man? *What, like the kind who might make enough to allow her to be a SAHM?

I could go point by point, but that is the most stupid thing I have ever read.

I’d like to know what the author would say about women who don’t get married OR became a nun. Are they supposed to keep living with their parents and/or have entry level jobs their whole lives while they “wait” for the right man?

I am appalled that a Catholic would write this.

From what I gather Mr Alleman and Mr Gil don’t object to all women getting a college education, only those women who plan on becoming wives and mothers. If a woman is to be a wife then she shouldn’t leave home with her parents blessing until she finds Mr Right. Until then she will stay at home and practice the domestic arts and stay under her father’s authority. A college education would only encourage a girl to usurp her husband or her father’s authority over her. Basically keeping her dumb makes her less likely to rebel.

I went to the same church as Gil and Alleman so I know a little about their plan. Their girls follow a homeschooling curriculum that eschews any hard sciences and focuses on things that are more appropriate for the female mind: cooking, cleaning, household finance. When the girl reaches 18 she stays with her parents until she meets a husband or decides to become a religious.

I’m surprised that it took these two gentleman so long to get flamed for their opinion. They’ve been spouting this kind of stuff for a while now. Feminist lie: girls need college

I disagree with most everything this article says.

These arguments are just weak.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Basically…according to this article, a woman is only worth anything if she becomes a wife and mother. That’s it.

What if she isn’t called to the vocation of marriage and wishes to become a nun or be single? Many nuns earn degrees.

A single woman shouldn’t be expected to live at home with her parents waiting for prince charming to come along and scoop her up…regardless of how long it takes.

This article proves that misogyny is just as damaging as feminism.

The only argument I saw that made a little bit of sense was the debt argument. College in the US is expensive and I don’t believe it’s worth it to drown yourself in crushing student loan debt you may or may not be able to start paying off in 6 months. Debt that can never be discharged or go away. Debt that could result in you having your taxes taken away and your wages garnished before you reach the age of 25.

But…that doesn’t mean one can’t earn a scholarship or receive a grant.

I genuinely hope one of their daughters rebels by leaving home, going to college, marrying a wonderful Catholic man, and balancing a career while being a mom and wife to well grounded children. Just to show her father how flawed his stance is.

This is true. If you come from a poor or middle class to lower middle class family and you do well in high school, you can get scholarships if you put in the work to find them and apply for them.

I bolded and changed the color.

Same reason that slaves were not taught to read and write, ironically.

Oh I agree so much with what you have said here. Misongy is as damaging as radical feminism and it hurts the church terribly that someone presents this kind of view in the name of catholicism when this is not …and no where near… the church’s position.

And I agree with the debt issue, but that doesn’t mean there are other ways to attend college.

The nuns generally want novices who’ve gotten an education, if they’re capable.

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