Six slain at 'Day of the Dead' altar in Mexico [CNAU]

Nov 4, '12 6:00 am
Six men who were holding a ceremony before a Goddess of Death altar were slain in a town in northern Mexico, according to an AFP report on


For some strange reason, I suspect this just may have had something to do with drugs and cartels. Just a hunch.

Its the Santa Muerte cult

It has nothing to do with the Catholic Church, and has been condemned by the local bishops, as well as by the Vatican.

Six people were killed in northern Mexico while taking part in a Holy Death ceremony on the Day of the Dead, when millions of Mexicans pay homage to their late friends and relatives, prosecutors said.

The Holy Death cult, popular among drug traffickers and some other Mexican criminals, is a blend of Christianity, Indian traditions and folk beliefs that arose in the 1940s in poor Mexico City neighborhoods and subsequently spread throughout the country.

Condemned by the Vatican, the cult is not recognized as a religious denomination by the Mexican government.

Oh, I’m well aware of that. I was being sarcastic, since most shooting deaths in Mexico are related to drug cartels these days.

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