Skeptic Magazine - anyone?


Hi everyone :wave:

Please, is anyone subscribed to or has any issues of the Skeptic Magazine?

Thank you very much. Please let me know, it’ll be very helpful for apologetics purposes


I tried reading an issue of Skeptic and found the information I was reading inaccurate. I have not picked up a copy since.

God bless,


Interesting articles are listed on the site. I don’t know anything about the actual magazine though.


I’ve read it a few times
it has some interesting stuff


Did you happen to come across the one dealing w/ Richard Dawkins (which has him also on the front page)?


I am a devout Catholic but apart from the Catholic apologetics books I read also the “agnostic” literature and that of the so called “new atheists”. I don’t think one can be a good warrior without knowing who he is fighting against. :wink:

Thank for your posts


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