Skeptic Who Gains Converts With Holy Spirit:

Honestely, its sort of difficult to make an appropriate title for this post, since there is so little to base a search off of for what I’m looking for… Basically, I remember some time ago watching a video about a man who was a skeptic atheist/agnostic who learned a “special trick” from these pastors at a Church local to where he lived or something… He was on sort of a quest to see how much of God and spirituality is testable/repeatable… He gathered a group of atheists into this large room who talked about their de-conversion stories and how they lost their faith… He would then ask them if anyone had ever described to them, or if they ever had any encounter with the Holy Spirit or something… One of the atheists he asked this question to said her mom described it as “a heart-hug.” He would then touch their heads or shoulders, and they would either begin to cry or do something strange in reaction to his touch and IMMEDIATELY reconsider their position towards God… In reaction to this behavior, I remember many atheists left the room and went home, due to their discomfort with the situation at hand… I remember it being a very convincing video, problem is, I CAN’T FIND IT ANYMORE!!

If any of this sounds familiar to ANYONE, then please help me find it again!!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!! :wink:

God bless…

Derren Brown, Messiah.

I believe that is what you are looking for.

this is it!! Thank you!! :d

Out of interest what is Derren Brown’s religion?

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