Skill Shortage in California - Immigrants Needed?

California needs more immigrants according to this article:,0,4195567.story

It is about training immigrants to be engineers, nurses, et cetera.

When will we realize that our economy is a Ponzi scheme.

  • Kathie :bowdown:

Not just California. Most cities depend to some extent on immigrant labor.

It’s not as bad as in Europe, which coudn’t even sustain it’s population without immigration. But if the labor force is to keep up with our needs, immigrants will likely be necessary, unless there is an unforseen population boom among Americans.

I wonder how long we can just keep increasing the population. I am in Arizona and the water concerns are very real. I get Las Vegas television too and they are fighting over water rights up there. Southern Nevada wants to bring water down from northern Nevada and the ranchers are fighting it because the water table will drop.

No one appears to want a no-growth economy. So that is not an option for political reasons.

  • kathie :bowdown:
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