Skin care products :(


** So tonight I went to a med spa to get some laser treatments done on some major acne scars and brown spots that were taking over my face. After my treatment was complete, the esthetician tried (*and succeeded) in selling me some skin care products to take better care of my skin (I was getting lazy about taking care of it correctly). One of the products she says to me, “this is made from human growth factors, it’s phenomenal! Let me try it on your skin, it helps w/ everything, it has sunscreen in it, helps minimize wrinkles, brown spots etc. It was formulated in SWitzerland for burn victims when they discovered that newborns or babies in utero that have surgery skin doesn’t scar…” So here I am letting this lady rub this stuff on the back of my hand while the whole time I’m thinking in my mind 'is this made from aborted fetal cells?" But I’m the type that is on the quieter side, and this lady was running her mouth a mile a minute so I just kind of stood there and listened to her sales pitch. The next thing I know I am buying this stuff (not because I wanted it but because I was just still thinking in the back of my mind 'what is this made of? you know like when your preoccupied and speechless all at the same time?), she says, “here you have to try it, the laser treatments are pointless unless you use some really good hgf on your face.” So I get in my car w/ this new ‘hgf cream’ I began reading the literature w/ it as I’m at a stoplight. It says, “made from ethically harvested fetal cells.” I almost vomitted and was on the verge of tears, literally :frowning:

Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion but I felt sick that this cream was put on my skin that was made from a possibly aborted baby’s skin cells. So I just got home and looked up that company’s website. BTW, it states on the package that it’s ‘made in the USA’ but formulated in Switzerland, I guess. On their site it states,
"The dedicated cell bank was originally established for wound healing and burn treatments using a single biopsy of donated fetal skin following a one-time medical termination. " :frowning: A baby that was terminated! Needless to say, the product has not been opened and is going back that spa tomorrow.

Question is, would you not go back to that spa? It was the cheaper of all the ones I called, by a lot. If you go there for their services but don’t buy their products? Or is it wrong to support a place that carries such products? What if all spas carry this line? Or the spas in my area at least? I’m so upset over this. Esp. since she tried it out on my hand. :o:shrug: Help! Sorry if this is post is all over the place… just wanted to warn others to watch out for ingredients on skincare products more closely these days, you just never know what’s in them. :(**


It sounds like it’s time to go back to the spa, demand a refund, and make a nuisance of yourself in general. Seriously, it’s crazy for them to stock a product like that.

And no, I wouldn’t go back there, if only because it would feel too weird to ever return. Whenever you go back there, you’ll be thinking about the upsetting experience that you had.


Oh wow. How horribly sick. :frowning:

I’m not sure that I would necessarily boycott the spa, unless they are affiliated with the products. If it’s just one of many brands that many spas carry, you might just tell them that you can’t have those products used on you. If they’re the only products the spa carries or if the spa is an offshoot of the brand, then yeah…I’d find another one.

If you boycott the spa be sure to tell them why.


Soylent Green is people!


What does “ethically harvested fetal cells” mean? Are you sure it’s not from placenta/umbilical chord related stuff?


**Well, no…because on the brochure it says word for word:

"A dedicated cell bank was established for developing new skin treatments using a single donation of fetal tissue under the strict legal and ethical laws of Switzerland. Originally established for wound healing and burn treatments, this same cell bank provides a lasting supply of fibroblasts for producing PSP, a proprietary skincare ingredient exclusive to Neocutis."
That’s in the brochure, but on the website it states that “using a single biopsy of donated fetal skin following a one time medical termination” Termination means ‘ending.’ I emailed a friend about this who is in the medical field and apparently she looked up Neocutis (that’s the skincare line) and it is possibly aborted baby skin cells, we aren’t certain yet but I, myself, would rather err on the side of caution.

Also, even if it’s just one baby used to make a 100 million products, it’s STILL wrong! :frowning: I won’t be going back there, I don’t care how reasonable her prices are. I can’t stomach supporting a place that carries that on their shelves. Now on to find a new spa to finish this up…I’m very thankful that I didn’t buy a ‘package’ of laser treatments there.

Now ladies (and men) I posted this to make sure everyone begins reading about products before buying, so you don’t end up feeling awful like I do right now. If we support these companies, who knows how many more babies will die at the expense of skincare. :frowning: So let me just say, this was found NO place on the packaging whatsoever. I think the only way to find this stuff out is to read online about products, that’s the only way we will ever know what we are putting on our skin.

Oooh, my dear friend just sent me this blog to read:

VERY glad she shared this w/ me. No Neocutis for me. :nope:**


This is where the culture of death leads :frowning:


I suggest you go back and return the product and let the spa staff know what you learned. I doubt if most of the staff has any idea that the products they sell contain aborted human fetal tissue derivatives. Some will be shocked to hear it. Even those staff members who don’t care about the ethics of it, should be concerned by the customer relations aspect of selling such products. Spas typically market their services as places to relax; many customers and potential customers would find this products just as disturbing as you did.

Your post reminded me of a product I used years ago. One day I read the ingredients and found it contained “bovine amniotic fluid”–amniotic fluid from cows. Not the same ethical issue as the situation you encountered, but I still didn’t like the thought of putting cow amniotic fluid on my face. I read lables more closely now.

Yucky. Really yucky situation. Sometimes what people do in the name of beauty is really hideously ugly.


Oh God… I’m so terribly sorry… that’s disgusting and I know you must be so devastated.

I agree with the others… suck up your timidness… and make a FUSS. Seriously. THIS is how we are sometimes called to act in the ProLife movement. Do your part. It WILL be hard, but please know you have all of us here for you praying for you.


I probably would have reacted similarly to the way you have - I would have be certain I was misunderstanding what she was saying and too embarrassed to say it out loud.
This is terrifying. Its like I’m seeing something out of a movie about a futuristic society that is so preoccupied in vanity, they slather the cells of killed babies on their face.
Stay away from this place. And this is a good heads up for any Catholics on here that
frequent spas to do a little product research before a visit.


**Scary part in all this is that I’ve read the ingredient label on the box a million times on my way home and it makes no references whatsoever to what is actually in it. That’s what I’m trying to point out, we need to actually read on company websites I guess to find out the nitty gritty of it all. :shrug:

Cow amniotic fluid? Yah, sounds gross. :o**


Well, yes, let me just say that when you get a laser treatment done on your face, it leaves this burning sensation, like a VERY BAD sunburn, your head feels like it’s about to explode and your mind is just itching to leave the place, kwim? So, instead of arguing w/ this really tall lady that towered over me, I just purchased and thought “I’m going to do some investigating on this.” That’s what I did and then I found the truth. It just sickens me that you have to dig to find the truth on this stuff. I think the National Catholic Register should do a write up on what’s truly, possibly, in our skincare products so that more people can know the ugly truth. :shrug:

No, I won’t be returning there, I feel like I was pushed around a little too much. :shrug: The other thing that was so frustrating is that when I went to this same spa for laser hair removal on my upper lip (only went once for it) she asked me what kind of skincare I used and I told her. She pretty much told me, 'that’s not medical quality, you need something better, next time you are here I’ll show you some better stuff." I really should not gone back after she ripped on my ‘healthy’ skincare line… and on second thought, that’s probably why she’s so cheap, no one probably returns ever again!**


I would definitely return the product, and be as assertive as possible in letting them know WHY you will never return - and that you will tell everyone you know not to go there. Hit them in their current and future pocketbook, and that will get their attention! When I found out that American Express gives money to Planned Parenthood, I immediately cut up my card and returned it with a letter. Needless to say, I got several phone calls from them asking me to come back. I said, “Nope! Not until you stop giving to PP, and I will be SURE to let all of my friends know what entity you’re donating to!!” :thumbsup:


Wow, I never would have guessed that going to a spa I would be having something like that applied to my face. I would go back, but rather than being angry with them, I would let them know how they absolutely violated you and that they need to be up front with customers who might use their facilities of what exactly it is that they are peddling.

“donated fetal skin following a one-time medical termination.”

They aren’t seriously suggesting that they are ethical because they only use fetal skin from babies that have only been aborted once are they?

Ugh, I was in Costco last night and passed by some “miracle” skin cream and noticed it was $84. I wonder if it was so expensive because they used this HGF. I can totally understand wanting to vomit and cry.


Well gee as long as it hasnt been tested on animals…:banghead::hmmm:


No kidding!! :mad: That came to my mind too on the way home in the car, I was thinking to myself, ‘so as long as it’s not been tested on animals it’s ok?’ ::eek::frowning: Sick world we live in. I felt totally violated that she rubbed this stuff on my hand like it was no big deal, not to mention that I NEVER asked for any skin products to begin w/! She was totally trying to take advantage of me, I think. :o

The stuff at Costco also might have HGF in it. Who knows. :shrug: What was the brand of it? I bet you could look it up online if you remember the name.

Also, I don’t know what the whole ‘one time medically terminated’ means. I think it might mean that only one baby was used to make this whole cell line continue? BUT even if it’s one baby or 10 babies, it’s STILL wrong! :frowning:

Ok, my husband works directly across the street from this spa, so he’s returning it today because it would be a 45 minute drive for me w/ 4 kids to go back. I think he’d do better than I would anyway, I think I’d lose my cool. :blush: I honestly could not fall asleep last night I was so sick to my stomach. I was mad at myself for not asking more questions. But this lady I don’t think would have told the honest truth even IF she did know where the HGF came from, kwim?? Or maybe she’s clueless herself? If that’s the case, then gosh, I hate to think what else she’s selling people. :rolleyes:**


The woman working at the spa might not even understand what that means.


Yes, it means that cells from only one aborted baby were extracted and replicated to create the entire cell line that is used to make the cream.

This is how many vaccines are developed. The Vatican (in Dignitas Personae) has stated that the use of fetal cells is only permissible for “grave reasons” (reducing the spread of dangerous diseases was given as an example of a valid reason.) Improving the appearance of one’s skin is obviously not a grave reason that justifies the use of fetal cells; therefore, use of the skin cream would be immoral.


Oh, mamacita, honey, my stomach is turning.

I don’t even know how to express my disgust.

So, to be somewhat helpful to you, have you looked into Shea butter? Not the over-processed white stuff in most stores, but real, 100% honest-to-goodness raw Shea butter? You can buy it online. I can give you links, if you want! :smiley:


:hug1: mamacita. Thanks for posting this though, I will definitely inform people I know who would be tempted to buy the same stuff you did.

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