Skin Graft: on the soul

Does a person’s soul live on in a skin graft if the rest of the body dies?

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No the soul is not a part of your skin or liver, kidneys, lungs or even heart.

The totality of your body and your soul makes you. And I may add that the soul is what keeps your physical body alive once they are separated the body dies.
So that you are aware there have medical cases of people who have been brain dead for years who had suddenly regained consciousness, which demonstrates that their souls had never actually separated from them.


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The soul can be thought of as the life. And skin alone cannot hold life.

So not only does soul not accompany donated skin, it does not accompany donated eyes or lungs, either. (Or even the heart, gooey chick flicks notwithstanding.)


If the brain was destroyed, but the body kept on life support, would the soul still be in the body?

Hmmmm. I have my son’s blood, blood type and bone marrow. Our lives, our souls remain separate.

But his memories (yours) and your and his love remain in you.


The brain is not the seat of the soul. In fact the very first organ that differentiates in a human being and begins its ryhthm is the heart.
There have been medically documented cases of people whose brains remained without oxygen for way more than the 3 minutes that according to science determine the death of the brain cells who have come back to life. These cases defy human/scientific explanation. And since the person is alive that concludes that they have their souls which either never departed of was reunited with their bodies. That would have been called a resurrection in ancient times but hey we are enlightened now and don’t believe in such superstition, right?



No, the soul of the donor would no longer “inform” the donated cells.

No. We shed thousands of dead skin cells and hairs daily. Our soul does not live on in the dust and dander formed by dead skin.

Neither does the soul remain part of a living piece of skin once removed. Even if the host’s body keeps the tissue physically living, it stops being a part of the donor’s body once removed.

One of the advantages of being a chimera. Oh, and being alive.

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