Skinny jeans a sin?


Hey everyone,

Is it a sin to wear skinny jeans? I’m not talking about skin-tight-can’t-breathe jeans that are practically equivalent to leggings, but jeans that are definitely tight enough to form the leg. I don’t want to provoke lust in the eyes of men, but I’d also rather not wear baggy pants.



It is a sin against fashion. :laughing:
(No, it is not a sin.)


If it shows the whole woman’s buttox and thighs then in my opinion Its immodest.


There is more then one or two styles of jeans. I suggest you broaden your perimeters on jean fashion. :blush:


Exactly. As the saying goes ‘tight-fitting enough to show you are a woman, loose-fitting enough to show you are a lady’ :smiley:


Second!!! XD

No, seriously it’s not. Men are just as responsible as women for controlling their own eyes. Jesus said if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. Not yell at the man/woman provoking you! :wink: It definitely shows your character that you care enough to ask! You rock!


It’s getting really hard to find jeans that aren’t designed to cling to ones buttocks. I don’t find such apparel sinful, it’s still a thick fabric and the area is covered but they aren’t flattering for everyone.


Women oughtn’t to dress so as to exude sex appeal
Mary shows them how to dress:



I’m sure if we could all afford gold-embroidered gowns and it was culturally appropriate for women to dress like royalty, we all would. :slight_smile:

I’ve worn skinny jeans for as long as I remember. I’ve recently come to the conclusion not to buy anymore, but that’s because they’re simply uncomfortable for me, not because of immodesty.

Jeans that show a woman’s figure/legs are not inherently sinful. I think it’s worth noting that in other cultures, women can go topless on beaches and it’s not taken as a sexual thing. The problem is moreso our culture’s obsession with sex and the taboo that was created which automatically equates the body to something sexual.

If a woman’s intent in wearing skinny jeans is to show off her body, that’s immodest and may be sinful. But if that’s not her intent, any lust that results is often the fault of the one who lusts.

EDIT TO ADD: Of course, if one wants to dress carefully to avoid causing undesired thoughts even though those thoughts wouldn’t necessarily be her fault or responsibility, that is commendable. Dress according to a well-informed conscience.


This reminds me an acquaintance of mine once told me that his mom said back in the 1970s jeans were so tight, she needed a pair of pliers to zip them up!

I’ll just never get fashion trends sometimes.


I have it on good authority* that the only appropriate let’s eat for women is a burlap skirt.

As to your dilemma, I’d second trying to find a different style. (Not from a,modesty perspective,but because it sounded like you wanted something a little looser.) Have you ever found a pair just right before?

*not really


As Oscar Wilde noted, fashion is a form of ugliness so ugly that we have to change it every six months . . .



Depends… Just about anything provokes “lust” in the eyes of somebody somewhere. Take a look at women’s clothing over the centuries and what happened to neck lines, skirt/dress lengths, etc.

I’ve seen some pretty ugly things in “skinny jeans.”


Realistically,dress should be appropriate to the culture a person lives in today.
If a woman lives in the Middle East then wearing this would be fine,but if she lives in Europe or US/Aus/U.K. and if she wore this,then yes she would be modest in the sense of being covered,but isn’t she being potentially immodest in a different way?
Ie:I thought modesty was not just dress but also of actions etc and wearing that would be stand out or “showy”…

If I wore that in Sydney people would likely either think I was a Muslim or they would look at like I was a bit “bizarre”.

OP-I have never heard the Catholic Church say that skinny jeans were a sin and I wear them often in every day life, and I have seen women wear then in Catholic Church without the priest having issue (that I’m aware if).
The way I personally gauge modesty is by thinking how would most men in the culture I’m living in perceive that outfit-are they indifferent or would they be “turned on”?
Eg:most men in Australia are indifferent to skinny jeans so to me they seem fine.


I don’t know , @emilyk123 , but they don’t half show off ladies’ backsides , and don’t look at all attractive .


Why not these instead? : )


Yes, no jeans at all for women. And make sure to cover your wrists as well, harlots! :roll_eyes:

Just wear the skinny jeans. They’re so ubiquitous that men aren’t going to be driven to mad lust, believe me. We see like 500 women in tight jeans a day.


Skinny jeans are the only type of pants that flatter me. So I hope it isn’t, lol. Nobody I know finds it immodest. I think most young people see skinny jeans as normal jeans now.

Interesting point. It kind of contributes to the message that girls are sexual objects too, if I’m going to reach a little.


I’ve worn them but will always make sure I have a shirt ,jacket that reaches down and covers behind.


Otherwise they just look silly imho. Skinny jeans require some volume at the top.
I wear them mostly during winter under short dresses (that I read more as longer blouses…)

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