Skinny yeans mortal sin?

I know that dressing very immodest is a mortal sin, but when is it too immodest? I have a lot of skinny jeans, very tight around my legs. I only wear them in the winter when I can’t wear a long skirt. I am afraid my super tight skinny jeans is immodest and therefore a mortal sin. I bought a small miniskirt to wear in combination with the skinny jeans to cover up a little but still I’m not sure about it.

No, skinny jeans aren’t a mortal sin.

I’m thinking that if you aren’t comfortable in them, to the point of having to wear other clothing to cover them up ---- don’t wear them.

No, it is not a mortal sin to wear skinny jeans.


Yes I would say super tight jeans should not be worn…in the immodest area

or mini skirts …

By the way this book may be of interest to you and others of the fair sex

Well, I’m no authority on what’s a mortal sin and what’s not. But, I suppose you could look at your intentions. Are you wearing them to entice, or just because you like them? If it’s the first, you could be in danger of committing one, but if it’s the latter, I doubt it.

I don’t think skinny jeans are immodest. I think mini skirts would be, shirts that show cleavage, but skinny jeans? A pair of jeans is a pair of jeans. And, jeans don’t have to be “skinny jeans” in order to be tight.

Those are just my thoughts. :slight_smile:

I would respectfully suggest you look at the Catechism, particularly the section :

Article 8 SIN
IV. The Gravity of Sin: Mortal and Venial Sin

I’ve read this several times since reading your post and can not understand how you could say to dress immodest is a mortal sin… Thou shalt not wear skimpy clothes? Where is that?

We are called and instructed not to view others in a lustful manner, meaning that if someone wears next to nothing and I have lustful thoughts, the sin is MINE, not theirs.

God bless

Hi Woman,

I’m not (hopefully) going to get another modesty debate going, but I do think that (opposing Myqyl’s post) immodesty can be a sin. Gravity would be determined by context and intent. Even bikinis, which I have opposed on other threads, may not be gravely sinful if the context and intent doesn’t deliberately lead others into sin, but is an attempt to dress according to what everyone else is doing. I’m talking about gravity here, not saying that bikinis are good to wear; they can actually cause much larger problems than their wearers seem to realize. I really don’t think tight jeans could be any sort of mortal sin in our current culture.

I would say that gravely sinful immodesty would be practiced with the desire to arouse strong sexual reactions in the opposite sex, especially if there were a desire to provoke action of some sort. Total indifference to the sexual response of others would also be a sign of serious spiritual problems, though I don’t feel able to say how grave it might be in that case.

God Bless,

No–it is not a mortal sin to wear skinny jeans.

Since we can’t visually perceive you, why no ask a friend who can see what you are wearing or ask you parents.

I wouold condone that a mini-skirt might be questionable?

As far as i know, wearing very immodest clothes is a mortal sin. I am not sure if it will also be a mortal sin to wear a bikini in the mixed swimming pool (what do you guys think about that?) but wearing ultra revealing clothes in your daily life is considered as a mortal sin. In hell are a lot of souls who committed sins of the flesh and therefore we must love our neighbor and not seduce them.

Currently I live in a city (Miami) where lots of women wear tight jeans and yoga pants. I’m not going to answer the question whether it’s a venial or mortal sin, I just want to give a male perspective. In a situation where a woman wearing very tight clothing is in close proximity to men, e.g. during Holy Mass in church, or at a workplace, it is a distraction and it forces the man to constantly avert his eyes whenever he looks in that direction and the sight of that woman falls into his visual field. Regardless of whether it’s a sin, and whether it’s a serious sin, a lot of men will feel grateful to a woman who doesn’t dress in a manner that forces the man to constantly avert his eyes and look at the ceiling, at the floor, or whatever.

Obviously, this general principle is valid not only regarding tight clothing, but also in regard to showing cleavage, exposing the bellies/midriffs/belly buttons, and so on. Once I had a young female assistant who would come “dressed to kill” every Thursday. It wasn’t something directed at me, it was because she would attend classes on the campus on Thu afternoons, and she wanted to impress some dude at her class. So, she would come wearing some little sexy blouse with a sexy skirt, lots of cleavage, and her belly exposed. It really forced me to constantly look at the ceiling while we were going over our plans for the day, lol. I wasn’t really mad at her since she was very young, fresh out of college, and she obviously didn’t have a clue that her clothing was inappropriate for a workplace. But as a matter of fact, I didn’t feel comfortable looking at her, when she was dressed like that. If my personal experience is in any way representative of men’s experiences, a woman could try to gauge her effect by her male companions’ reactions. If they feel uncomfortable, if they avert their eyes and look in another direction in her presence, then it would be a matter of common sense and courtesy for her to wear something less provocative next time.

Finally, I take issue with the idea that it’s not a problem to dress immodestly if the person has no actual intent to provoke. The other day there was a lady in church, she wore a shirt, and three or four buttons were open on that shirt - she exposed lots of her breasts. I will say this is not appropriate, regardless of whether she had an actual intent to seduce someone, or maybe she only thought she was “cute” that way. Regardless of her intentions, the way she wore that shirt was scandalous. There are lots of men attending church, and they open one (1), maximum two buttons on their shirts. C’mon Lady, close those buttons - everybody else can survive the heat with only 1 or 2 buttons open on their shirts, you will be able to survive, too. No need to show your breasts for a whole parish to see, regardless of whether you want to seduce someone or not.

I know our late Pope Blessed John Paul II placed the appropriateness of clothes in context of where the clothes are worn. Swim attire is appropriate for the beach/swimming pools, but not for general wear–as like going grocery shopping in swim suits. He made no mention of it being a mortal sin.

I just wanted to add that we also had a secretary (he was a guy) who used to wear tight slacks. He used to dress with a sense of Southern sophistication, he always dressed very nicely, but his slacks/pants were on the tight side. I wouldn’t say I was seriously bothered by how he used to dress, but there was definitely something funny about his tight slacks. I never asked my female colleagues, though, what was their opinion about this guy’s slacks.

Well, the guy was gay, and he lived together with his gay partner. He was my colleague for 5 years, he was a nice person, and we had a good work relationship. But his pants were kind of funny. I wonder whether other people noticed them, and what were their opinions.

I see you’ve joined CAF within the past week. I’ve been here not much longer at a skoosh over four months. In this short amount of time I’ve concluded that the ways in which women dress is the most over-analyzed, over-discussed topic on the site. It’s fetishized here, quite frankly.

If you don’t believe me, look throughthese threads. This is a sampling of the threads started since January 1 of this year about all manner of female clothing:

I urge you to do your own search and spend 20 minutes just looking through all of the ideas people come up with about skirt length, bathing suits, head gear, make up, and just about anything else related to women’s attire. A lot of it is sensible, but a lot of it is deeply rooted in misogyny guided as “concern.” And a bit of it is creepy.

Anyway, bathing suits of all kinds and the moral uproar, seductions, scandal, and sin they can cause, is a done-to-death topic here.

Amen! :thumbsup:

…and as you very wisely suggested in one of those threads; “just put it in your “crazy box” and move on!!”

I must confess that I have also been know to use your quote of, “Remember this is the interwebs, the only medium in the history of humanity where the village idiot and the poor deranged sod can spout their views to the planet, literally. If you read something completely contrary to your Catholic world view, put it in your crazy box and move on.”.

Outstanding advice for anytime we encounter something bizarre on a forum, blog, or comment section!!

I would add, though, that the OP’s concern is perfectly legitimate and well worth addressing. At least where I live, people constantly come to church, and to attend Holy Mass, dressed in a way that hookers used to dress not long ago.

There are many threads on modesty because modesty is a big problem nowadays. Likewise, there are many threads on the ins and outs of sex (no pun intended) on CAF Family Life, and lots of threads on masturbation and pornography. Let’s face it - many men have a problem with masturbation and pornography, and many women have a problem with modest dressing. Likewise, many couples have a problem with the limits of moral sexual behavior, contraception in marriage, and so on.

That’s why we have a forum, to address these and other problems. If anyone is bored of these issues, they are free not to read the threads. That’s exactly what I do when I see the umpteenth thread about orgasms, dildos, anal sex, oral sex, and whatnot on CAF Family Life - I just skip these threads.


Oh good grief, not another one…


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