Skip the Creed?

This past Sunday, our parish had a guest speaker, an elderly nun, who spoke after the brief homily. She went on for what seemed like forever. Our pastor was not present and his place was taken by the retired pastor of a nearby and very liberal, hip and with-it ( in their own minds, anyway) parish. After Sister finally droned to a close, he got up and said, “You people who wanted to be out of here in 45 minutes are going to be disappointed. Guess we’ll have to skip the Creed.” A few people laughed half-heartedly, assuming he was kidding, because he had made a few lame cracks at Rome earlier in the Mass and he seemed to think he was pretty funny. But…

He DID skip the Creed. Is that proper? I’ve been to charismatic parishes where they have reworded the Creed in their own groovy, with-it ways, and that was bad enough, but I don’t think I’ve ever known a priest to blow it off entirely. I’m no liturgy expert, but this felt wrong to me. Is it?

P.S. He also said the liturgy of the Eucharist in what sounded like his own words.

The Creed should not have been skipped on a Sunday…

Agreed, especially for the sake of getting out a little early!

i think this is common in parishes with guest speakers

once we skipped all the way to collection, no prayers of the faithful either. but Father wasn’t going to skip collection

There are legitimate reasons for not saying the Creed when it would otherwise be necessary; for example, when there is a baptism at Mass.

But it sounds clear to me that he skipped the Creed because the illicit “homily” given by an non-ordained person went on too long… he said so himself. And that he was so non-chalant about it is distressing. How long does it take to pray the Creed… two minutes?

I would have been greatly tempted to begin the Creed aloud after such a remark. :mad:

The post stated the homily was given by the priest, the speaker gave a talk , not a illicit homily. As distasteful as you may find this, it is permissible.

The old “brief homily, long talk” shenanigans. It’s more appropriate for talks to be given outside of Mass if possible, or at least after the Post-Communion Prayer.

If the congregation is included in the Baptismal Vows the Creed is recited in essence.

Wow. It shouldn’t be.

i know
but for those who has guest speakers, it does happen

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