Skipping Eucharist as a sort of protest?

So here’s the deal. Every now and then I attend a different church while visiting relatives. They have a priest rotation there, and there is one priest I just do not like.

He is very political – obnoxiously so in my opinion – and can’t seem to get through a single homily without taking a dig at liberals, feminists, the president, etc. I do not believe Mass is the place for that.

This weekend I was so frustrated with him that I decided not to take communion – partly because I was actively angry and didn’t think that was the right frame of mind, and partly because it occurred to me that if everyone who found his homilies offensive refused to take communion when he’s there, maybe he would realize how his diatribes are actually creating a rift instead of bringing the church together.

Just curious what people thought of that idea – either not taking communion when you’re angry or not taking it as a sort of silent protest.

If you do not feel you are properly disposed, no you should not receive the Eucharist.

I think using your reception or lack thereof as a protest is a terrible idea.

Leaving that aside, the priest is unlikely to read your mind, even if many other parishioners follow your lead, which is very doubtful.

I think that being “Kind of Catholic, Kind of Protestant” you should not be taking the Eucharist at all and that the Eucharist is never to be involved in any form of protest, silent or otherwise.

If your anger is a mortal sin (disproportionate or unrighteous), you should refrain until you go to confession.

Otherwise, you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face.

A priest has the right to speak about whatever he likes in his homily, as long as it is within the bounds of the law of the Church. The fact is, Liberalism and Feminism are both political ideologies which quite clearly contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church. If you don’t like it, attend some other parish where the priest will paint the church with flowers and butterflies and he won’t hurt your feelings.

If you are angry probably not, as a protest…you’re just cheating yourself. Also, if you are “kinda” Protestant it may be a good idea to refrain from the Eucharist.

Well, in this case the Eucharist is sort of un-involved, if you get my drift. I know we can’t take communion if we’re not properly disposed, but is there any requirement that was MUST take communion if we are?

I realize a protest that the priest isn’t aware of probably isn’t very effective. How else could I, as a visitor, convey to this older [edited] priest that he is offending members of the church with his message?

Personally I would not miss the Holy Eucharist for being irritated.

Also, I think that the priest would not have a clue about* why* people were not receiving communion, so it would be ineffective anyway. It would be both brave and honest to talk to the priest directly, and ideally would not be communicated in a courteous way.

The fact is liberalism and feminism are perfectly in line with Church teachings and that attitudes like yours (and this priest’s) are what keep more young, educated people from staying in the church. Last time I checked, equality, environmental stewardship, social programs that care for the less fortunate, etc. were all pretty tightly in line with Church teaching. The fact is that both main political parties can claim to be more in line with Christianity on certain issues and less in line on others. And the fact that one of those political parties holds itself out as being morally superior – or that religious leaders like this priest buy into that – sickens me.

God is not with one political party more than another. And God most certainly does not side with those who think women working for equal rights and equal treatment is somehow un-Christian.

P.S > It appears you’re still too young to vote even, so I’ll cut you some slack on not realizing why feminism is a) important and b) not out of line with church teachings. I suggest you read this for some good perspective on it:

When one goes to Church it is your relationship with Jesus that is more important not your relationship with the priest or the congregation. I go to Church to meet Christ and to receive the Lord Jesus. I do not go to meet the priest or the people. So if certain priests or people who are in the Church do not convey messages that are in conflict to my understanding of the Christian Catholic faith I just ignore them. I will let you know that I have sometimes feel this as well. I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian who has received much Catholic instruction in his life so that I am somewhat an authority on practical Catholic doctrine. However the priests of the Eastern Orthodox Churches that I had attended will sometimes speak out against certain Catholic dogmas and practices just because they will not take the time to understand them. So I have to put aside what they tend to speak about. In other words I have to put up with it. I know they do this because they think they are right and Rome has gone too far. I do not think like them because I had lived my life with the Church of Rome and from personal experiences have adopted certain teachings in my life from Rome which the Eastern Orthodox Churches do not have. I believe in these teachings and even hope that one day the Eastern Orthodox will come to accept them. However this is, I do not come to the Eastern Orthodox Churches thinking that these priests should change. I have to put up with these men just as I have to put up with so many other people and perhaps in the same way they have to put up with me.

It doesn’t bother me what other people think and do. I go to Church to meet the Lord Jesus. He knows what He is looking for so I try to meet up with the standards He is searching from me. I know that the teachings which the Lord has imparted to me is very useful as I often teach the youth of my Orthodox parish with the Catholic teaching that I had also picked up. They find it useful as well. Yet I find when you are an adult the majority of them will not change as much as the youth can. So if they are not taught to respect other Church’s teachings than these same adults are unlikely to accept them. This does not mean I will protest every time an Orthodox priest speaks against certain teachings from Rome. I am sure the Lord has to put up with them just as I had to learn as well. I do not think the homily is a place for these type of messages for it only confuses the people. I teach to the youth certain practices of Rome which the youth love but then they would get another message from the pulpit that would contradict it. It is to the advantage of the priest to stick to the Gospel message and not bring in messages to the contrary.

My message is just put up with the priest. Think more of your relationship with Jesus if that will help you more if you are in another situation. May be someday the priest may ask of your opinions and you will have a chance to speak more directly on this matter which concerns you and to the faith which has formed in you.

Anyone who practices interior silence can find God in the most obnoxious homily.

It is your loss at the opportunity to receive the Lord in one of the most mysterious miracles of our Faith, and all because you don’t like the priest’s politics?
I would advise a revision of priorities. I can understand frustration, but surely you are cutting your nose off to spite your faith to play with an old adage. I would grab the Eucharist from the hands of the devil if it was offered. Pride may be an impediment here to a greater spiritual growth that your obviously youthful passion may well yield.

The only one who is going to see your so called protest is God. It isn’t going to bother the priest you don’t like. I also agree with some of the other posters in that you probably not in proper disposition to receive anyway. Not taking the Eucharist is only going to hurt yourself and no one else. The action is immature and the reasoning off here.

That would irritate me too - a lot.

I’d still take communion, but with some difficulty - praying for peace in my heart.

I’d also look at my own sins and unworthiness.



ps. taking a dig at the president is, I suspect, out of bounds for a Catholic homily.

I agree:thumbsup::thumbsup:

I think that if you’re kinda Protestant, you shouldn’t be taking communion anyway.

I also think that one should not cheat himself out of a relationship with Jesus because the presider was obnoxious in his opinion. It’s disrespectful to Jesus to use him as some sort of boycott poster boy.

However, if you feel uncomfortable, I would politely address the priest directly, and not play some ambiguous, mindreading, rebellious game.:shrug:

I don’t think this a good idea AT ALL. If you aren’t properly disposed to receive Christ than ok yes don’t receive the Eucharist. But why would you suppress graces that you can receive from the Eucharist just because you don’t like what the priest is doing. If you were about to die and a liberal priest came who was heretical in many ways came to give you last rights, would you put your soul at risk just to make a statement?

In the Church’s theology there is a latin phrase Ex opera operato, which basically means from the works worked, or that the graces that come from a sacrament are not based on the merits or the holiness of the minister of the sacrament. Only time you shouldn’t receive communion when you aren’t in a state of mortal sin and have fasted for an hour is when you think the Mass is invalid. Other than that receive Christ in the Eucharist. There is NO reason not to receive if you are in a state conducive to receiving.

For me the most important thing, isn’t what the priest says, what is said during the readings, etc. what matters is that I receive GOD veiled under the accidents of bread and wine. Now all of the other parts of the mass are very important. But if I’m properly disposed to receive, a mass could be on the border of becoming invalid and I would still receive Christ.

there is no obligation to take the Eucharist except during easter. The Church only requires you to receive once and year. But why if you are properly disposed would you want to pass that up?

There is a difference between youth and immaturity so some may cut you some slack in your prioritization of politics over the real presence. I suggest that if you lose any opportunity to receive the Eucharist it is at your own loss.
If you wish to make your opinion known, you could courteously approach the priest and discuss your objections. Sometimes we learn the most by addressing our elders who have differing frameworks.

Ok, but before we discuss anything else, can you please clarify how you can be “kinda Protestant” and still properly disposed to receive communion?
I think this is something a lot of us are wondering about and, for this moment, it makes the whole situation a moot point since rejecting any church teachings is a mortal sin and means you shouldn’t be receiving, protest or no.

I feel like you generally understand that you must be in a state of grace, since you mentioned that you didn’t want to receive communion while angry, so I am just wondering what makes you “kinda Protestant” that is still compatible with being a practicing Catholic in a state of grace??

As for my opinion on the matter, I say no. If it really bothers you that much, talk to him or e-mail him. But the fact of the matter is that the mass is centered around the Eucharist, not the priest or the homilies. So if you pass up the Eucharist because of the homily, you’re missing your mark.

Wow, I can completely relate to what you’re saying – about being so irritated at mass you just wanted to do something in protest. For me, however, it’s about the happy-clappy music that this parish uses, I guess because they think the greatest church hits of the 80s will help the under 20 crowd find the mass and Church more relevant :rolleyes:

As others have said, if you believe that Holy Communion is the opportunity to commune body, blood, soul, and divinity with God Himself – then who cares about the music, the homily, the people talking in the pew behind you, or the sweet little baby alternately cooing and screaming all through mass. It’s all good because, in spite of our folly and stupidity (ignorance and arrogance) Jesus is there.

Jesus. Is. There.

If you have a problem with this priest, have the courage to talk with him. But Jesus is there at mass – don’t turn your back on Him.

God bless you!


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