Skipping Sunday Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is . .

Skipping Sunday Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a demonstration of modern stealth Arianism . . . True? or False?

Um… what?

Why would you say that?

False. Its a sign that people are just lazy.

I’m gonna say false. I highly doubt the vast majority, if not all, Catholics who skip mass do so because they think Christ was somehow less/not divine. If they do hold that belief it’s likely it’s part of a larger issue of having become atheist, not Arianism. Most Catholics who skip mass likely do so simply because they’re lazy or otherwise disinclined to make the effort to go to mass.

False. It’s a demonstration of spiritual sloth.

Arianism :

christian theology :

the main heresy denying the divinity of Christ, originating with the Alexandrian priest Arius (c. 250–c. 336). Arianism maintained that the son of God was created by the Father and was therefore neither coeternal nor consubstantial with the Father.

Most all churches I have attended have never denied the divinity of Christ.

May be there are some out there that have been acting in the stealth way.

When you say “skipping” are you saying some people may be likely to think " oh I’m skipping mass this weekend because I want to go to (where ever) and I’ll just go to confession, and it’ll be fine"

I don’t think adults who take their faith seriously would think like the above, children, may be. No offence kids :thumbsup:

If people are “skipping” Mass then they really have never been obedient for one reason or other.

People who stop going to Mass is entirely different IMO.

Do you mean skipping because someone wants to do something else besides going to Mass, or they have a good reason (sick, caring for a baby or someone else, etc.)?

One Deliberately missing mass on Sunday demonstrates the following

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Thank you for asking.

I mean skipping the Sunday Holy Sacrifice of the Mass without a serious reason; for example, those you mentioned.

This link has a lot of information regarding paragraph 2181 in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition.

Links to the Catechism.

In my neighborhood, skipping Mass has many reasons.

In my neighborhood, the general meaning of demonstration can be many meanings. A possible underlying cause of the many meanings is that Jesus is great; still, are people really convinced that He has the full Divine Power of being truly present in the Eucharist during Sunday Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

Granted that very few people are aware of modern Arianism because its nature is stealth – which is probably an underlying cause for a kind of disrespect in that the Sunday Holy Sacrifice of the Mass can become second place.

There are many ways of being lazy just as skipping Sunday Holy Sacrifice of the Mass can demonstrate many things or signs.

Perhaps I have the wrong direction for this thread. How about thinking in this manner – Attending Sunday Holy Sacrifice of the Mass demonstrates …

I chose modern (stealth) Arianism because it seems logical. There is a famous story about an Atheist or a Protestant or Anyone who said to a Catholic: “If you really believe that God is in that tabernacle, you would be prostrate on the floor.”

In the Catholic Church, the Real Jesus wants to give Himself to us in Holy Communion during the Sunday Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

So it’s not just this stealth Arianism…

In answer to the previous post 17.

Catholic apologetics includes many avenues. In my humble opinion, every tiny clue as to why there are empty pews should be examined. Does one truly believe that Jesus, the Great Prophet in the Gospels, is fully present during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

In my humble opinion, stealth Arianism should be considered a deep rooted cause for empty pews. Are there other causes? Of course there are. Are there other ways stealth Arianism is demonstrated? Of course there are.

In my humble opinion, every tiny clue as to why there are empty pews should be examined.

I was thinking that the only way to get answers to why there are empty pews is to actually ask those once Catholics why they do not attend Mass. Even people who are considered to be no longer in communion with the church could still attend Mass but not receive the Eucharist. Why do they not do this.
There will never be a straight forward answer I don’t think, and believing people are just lazy is a good enough answer for some, but I don’t think it is.
I think people are afraid.

Afraid to ask the question? Or that people are afraid to attend?

Because I know several once Catholics and “bad” Catholics. And some of them really do just not attend out of laziness. They’re sleeping during Sunday mass or can’t be bothered to go if they are awake.

Others don’t attend because they have varying degrees of disbelief at this point in their lives. Though I wouldn’t term it fear though. If they had fear they were wrong in their disbelief I’d think they would have more inclination to go to mass, not less.

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