Skirt + shoes for postulants


I had difficulty finding good skirt and shoes for postulancy/live-in, but I found some good things, so I posted reviews.


(click “reviews”)

Note that the link for the kmart doesn’t work if you are not in the USA. But you can see how it looks at
"Etta" is the one. I got black.

I am currently a postulant of a contemplative monastery, but t got permission to post this, while I am still often on-line in order to take care my bank accounts etc.


Umm–that skirt is for girls’ sizes (read: children.) The site does have a similar women’s skirt, but I didn’t care for the description of the spandex insert for the zipper.

If you have someone talented at home you might want to ask them to whip up a couple of skirts for you. Check on the McCall’s pattern site. Another alternative is to check out LL Bean or Land’s End, or even Dickeys, they usually have some sort of A-line, longer chino skirt with pockets. Even “back in the day” of extremely traditional habits, I always recall the Sisters had huge pockets in those habits! I guess the lesson hit home, I don’t buy any clothing without pockets. I’m not discerning a vocation, I’m a health care professional who has to dress “corporate” (read: conservatively.) A few years ago I found a skirt pattern on the McCall’s website, ordered it, and made four different skirts from the same pattern. They were a fairly straight (but not pencil) cut, had fully closed kick pleats, I was able to fashion them at 26 inches in length, which hit me a few inches below the knee, and they had pockets.

When I was in high school I recall going with a couple of the Sisters from school to a Red Cross shoe store when they had to get new shoes. Red Cross Shoes has now changed its name to Naturalizers. Hush Puppies is another place where you can get shoes. You want to look for something called “black walking shoe.” Don’t skimp on this. You’ll be on your feet a lot, and good shoes will last longer, and be less expensive in the long run (they can be re-heeled by a shoemaker, and won’t cost your community scads of money in podiatrist’s visits.)

But aside from what I’m saying, surely your community has a postulant mistress? Why don’t you ask her advice, and ask her for sources for these items?

God bless you as you embark on this vocation!


There was a thread in the Vocations Forum of Phatmass Phorum not all that long ago for those finding it difficult to obtain what was needed for postulancy.


Many Sisters buy SAS shoes. They are expensive but are sturdy and can last 5-10 yrs.!


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