Skirts in School Uniforms "Discriminate" against Transsexuals: UK Human Rights Commission

By Hilary WhiteLONDON, March 1, 2010 ( - The iconic image of sweet little English school girls in their uniforms could become a thing of the past if the government follows the advice of its new “human rights commission.” Requiring skirts in school uniforms discriminates against…

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I’m not wearing ‘tightie-whites’…I don’t care who I offend:p

Seriously I worry for this country and the rest of Europe. I wonder what’s worse being, ruled by a dictator or by the dictatorship of relativism that is the PC brigade?
In both cases the power of the state seems to become absolute. It’s just done more politely so as not to offend anyone when the latter are in charge.

Many schools have skirt/pant option for girls uniforms until a certain grade. I find it very flexible especially in the cold winter months. It is nice option if they stick to uniform tailored slacks. The PC stuff is getting out of hand.


that is wacky

My high school didn’t have school uniforms. I wore pants and a bunnyhug when it was cold (so most of the year ;)) and shorts and a t-shirt when it was warm.

The nicer clothes were reserved for important events like award ceremonies and, for athletes, days when your sports team was playing.

"Requiring skirts in school uniforms discriminates against school girls who want to be boys, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), said in a report this week."Ah, the plague of gender-specific clothing must be stamped out.

That is completely absurd! What ever happened the church(whether Catholic or Anglican) in England. We really need to something to take Mary Whitehouse’s place, or better yet, become a prime minister.

In a cultural or religious sense, I thought that Scotland was still a little conservative, not to mention Northern Ireland. Does anyone besides Gordon Brown or a few silly judges have a say in this?

For girls, it is appropriate to dress in polos, slacks, hoodies, etc. People are stuck in the past and should be more open minded!

On a more general level:

I have a disagreement with the way government can destroy and remake culture.

If government is a Christian free zone then that makes those with a secular agenda more able to set the cultural norms reflecting their own cultural viewpoint.

This is unjust and causes more divisions in society and alienation and antagonism against government.

Not a good thing for a healthy and respectful community.

The stupid stuff people complain about. :rolleyes:

The rising tide of Islam in some West-Central countries will be a powerful counter-punch to that.

Something something something Kilts something something something Scotland something something something United Kingdom something something something Union Jack something something something.

if they made them all wear kilts, then who could really complain?

Of course, having been a young boy once upon a time, I think it could be an invitation to gross behavior on the boys’ parts above and beyond the usual.

This is a four-and-a-half-year-old thread and the link to the article is dead. So I can’t get any info on this.

What’s really wacky is that society considers someone who has a Y chromosome, but thinks they don’t, is normal and should be encouraged.

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