Skittles Is Giving Up Its Rainbow By Selling Gray Candy To Celebrate Pride Month


Gray candy does not sound very appealing.


No skittles for me, then.

I like to know what I am getting.

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I don’t know what’s worse: the meaningless virtue signaling from a corporation or the people who will inevitably be “so outraged” and make grandiose claims about boycotting Skittles.


I haven’t eaten a skittle for perhaps 15-20 years.

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Skittles are failed m&m’s


To be clear, I don’t have a problem with Skittles or anyone else supporting Pride month, but…

Do you see that they are donating $1 per sale up to a maximum of $100K? Those kinds of claims are always shady, at best. According to the interwebs, Skittles annual sales are over $300 million. So they are really just saying they will donate $100K (which is fine), but pretending that number is influenced by how much of their candy you buy (which it is not). Very misleading (but sadly common).

You might be right. But it’s not clear from the article how the numbers will work out.

The article says that the Skittles in question will be sold during one month, and only by two retailers. And it’s not clear that those will be the only Skittles sold by those two retailers; they might still be selling all the other varieties they currently sell, and this might be a “limited edition” of only 100,000 or so.

So, the donation might depend on how many people participate in this specific promotion.

What the heck is gray candy?


The candy’s colors are from artificial coloring anyway. What’s one color over another?

I thought it might be celebrating “gray nomads”…I believe a term used in Australia for those over 55’s who pack up their RV’s and caravans and hit the road traveling for months at a time…some retirees sell their homes and live their lives on the open road…way to go “gray nomads”

eye appeal. Same with M&M.I remember as a kid I favored certain n colors over others,although they tasted the same

Heresy! Skittles (original) are one of my favourite candies, alongside Starburst and Swedish Berries.


“Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious
Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes”


I’m with you.My taste n candy is definitely more the fruity sweet and tangy …smarties,all you mention. I love starburst jelly beans.

Yup. I love tangy and sweet too (more than chocolate), but where I’m from Smarties are chocolates. And I’ve never tried Starburst jelly beans, but I will.

When I was in Ireland, the Starburst flavours were different, they had a black currant and green apple, but no cherry or lemon. I didn’t like it as much.

You jogged my memory. When we were all kids, one of my cousins said he could taste the difference in the green M&M’s. Of course, we didn’t believe him, so we blindfolded him and did taste tests with the different colored M&M’s. Believe it or not, he could taste which ones were green every time. We tried every way we could to trick him, but he was never wrong about the green ones!

For M&Ms yes.

For Skittles, no. Skittles have different flavors. And you can identify them by the color. Red is cherry, for example.


Agreed. Skittles are about the only candies I even eat, along with M&Ms, Starburst, and Smarties (the U.S. candy).

In Canada, the candy we call Smarties in the U.S. is sold under the name “Rockets” because another company uses the name “Smarties” for the other candy.

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Never heard of Swedish Berries, but Swedish fish aren’t too shabby.

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