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My mom called and said that she and my dad found the skull of what looked like a deer in the yard, just a few feet from the house. Since my parents live in an area where deer are not uncommon, they weren’t too surprised but they have never had anything like this happen before. The rest of the body was nowhere to be seen. The only thing that bothered me was that my mom mentioned that the skull was very clean. In fact, at first my mom thought that it might be a halloween prop. If a wild animal had killed the deer, I would assume there would still be some skin and meat, even the eyes, still in the animal. The skull has to be pretty newly put there because my dad had been doing work in the yard the past few weeks and never noticed it. I know animals sometimes drag things…but I thought only when they had meat on them, not a bare skull.
Anyway, my imagination is sort of running away with me. I happened to read An Exorcist Tells His Story by Father Amourth that same day in one sitting. I was going to look on the internet for implications of skulls in witchcraft or something else bad but I really don’t want to expose myself to whatever strange things might come up on an internet search. So, I am asking if anyone on here has any experience or insight to the possiblity that this was a targeted occurance.


Pray an trust in Jesus.


look for feral dogs in the area before you look for demonic activity.

or look to see who in the neighborhood had a front-yard display with an old wagon wheel and the skull of a longhorn which has been vandalized (that is what we have in Texas instead of pink flamingos and gnomes).


Thanks Annie…yea, coyotes are the prime suspect. In Connecticut, not many people display skulls. Is it common for dispaly skulls to still have their teeth/jaw in tact? I can’t picture them in detail.


You are correct to pay attention and to be concerned. I live in a very rural area and coyotes do not normally wander near houses. When I lived in a less rural setting they came closer. Are coyotes common in yards?

My dogs sometimes wander into the forest and come out with animal bones. The bones are clean. Dogs like bones with or without meat.

As far as insight into whether it could be a targeted occurrence, the answer is yes. Watch for anything else.


MtnDwellar, thanks for your input as well. Being so close to the house is what I find odd…and with no deer body elsewhere in the yard. Also, my parents live in a residential area. There is wildlife, as most areas in CT have some, so that is always a possiblity. My mom told us this morning that a lady from animal control came and confirmed that it is a deer skull…but did not understand why it was there herself. Again, the cleanless of the skull, no eyes or anything else is sort of weird. If birds had picked it clean, wouldn’t my parents have seen them circling next to the house? And what animal would drag it around bare?
I am not one to rush to judgement, so it is a natural occurance until proven otherwise. I sitll would like some input from anyone else who had a better understanding of other possiblities. Thanks guys!


Yours truly is by training an archaeologist. It is not at all unusual to find skulls of animals with teeth intact. You are thinking birds but insects (e.g. ants) make quick work of carcasses.

We are plagued with coons, possums, and coyotes who routinely raid our chickens. Coons and possums do disgusting things like just leaving the head of the chicken. This is pretty much the same thing. Nothing unusual or supernatural here.


Did that saucer shaped balloon thingy pass over the house? Perhaps the skull was dropped from it.


You are being logical. Always eliminate natural causes before going to the supernatural. Unfortunately, in this instance, natural causes cannot be eliminated or assigned because no one saw what happened.

You already understand the possible natural causes. You are asking about the possible unnatural causes. Some dark rituals involve animals and could also involve animal skeletons. I doubt that someone performed a ritual in your yard and left the skull the behind. If someone is conjuring demons, or invited them into the neighborhood by some other means, strange things can happen. Demons like death. They can put dead animals or skeletons in surprising places. They sometimes act in sarcastic ways. So, if one of your parents had recently been speaking about a beautiful deer and then the skull was found, it would be an indication of a targeted act. Also, if there is a strong negative force in the area, the wildlife is effected. Small animals will not come near. Other animals will act in unnatural ways. For instance, seeing nocturnal animals active during broad daylight is another sign that something is askew.

In general people will say that observations are due to what they believe is the most common cause. But, they don’t realize that demonic activity should be higher on the list of possibilities. The devil is subtle. He is hard to recognize, especially if you don’t believe in the possibility.


Just because nobody saw a coyote drag the skull into the yard, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen that way. Animals can pick a carcass clean pretty quickly, and if a dog, or coyote came upon the skull and decided to use it as a chew toy, dragging it around, etc…well that can happen easily. Where I live, one could be walking on a trail and find a moose shed–the only foul play involved was a bear, or some other natural cause. I’m not discounting the idea of some sort of prank, or ritual, or anything like that, but it sounds to me that the most logical explanation is that the animal died–by the hand of a human hunter, or a predator, or old age, or starvation. Then bears, coyotes, or other predators got to it. Then the bugs, magpies, crows picked it clean. Then some dog came along and found the skull and decided to keep it for himself. Why would a dog do that? Well, that’s what dogs do, they like bones and skulls and shoes and other things they can chew on, drag around, play with.
Don’t let your imagination run too wild, or your heart to be troubled. But, I suppose, if other things start happening in the neighborhood that are very, well, weird, than look further into unnatural causes.

As for Cerad’s little comment…:rolleyes:


I don’t think that skulls are necessarily always associated with the occult. Remember, that the skull (both human and animal) was designed and created by our Wonderful, Awesome God! I think some of the saints even used a skull as an aid to contemplation of our mortality? This is certainly depicted in art, anyways.

I wouldn’t worry about it, hon. As you said, it was probably dragged there by another animal… or perhaps was a Halloween prank, of the neighborhood kids?

God bless you.


Since I’m not as familiar with the activities of wildlife, my first thought was a thoughtless prank by kids/teens also.


Coyotes frequently come within reach-out-and-touch distance of the guardshack, when one of my guards is in it.



My first thought would be that a dog could have dragged it in. If there’s any demonic activity involved, it’s more likely to be the Ol’ Scratch making little suggestions that it’s anything but harmless coincidence to get you all worried and riled up over nothing than something genuinely nasty going on. You’d know if someone had been practicing the dark arts in your yard: awful things would start to happen to you.

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